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x2$ bunker


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i bought the farm bunker when the new event started 2 days ago with only the staff upgrade. the problem here that im not getting x2$ on weapons value.

im only getting 120000$ for 1 full bar of supplies instead of 240000$.

does the bunker have to be fully upgraded to get the double money? if not then what the f*ck is going on?

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Yeah.  You need upgraded staff and upgraded machinery for most efficient conversion of supply bars into product bars.


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The double money bonus applies to any stock, regardless of upgrades to the bunker


If you are not getting full value, try closing the game fully, and restarting it

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Value is based on upgrades:

  • No upgrades: $5000 per unit (1 bar = 20 units) = $100000 (double money $200000)
  • One upgrade: $6000 per unit (1 bar = 20 units) = $120000 (double money $240000)
  • All upgrades: $7000 per unit (1 bar = 20 units) = $140000 (double money $280000)

If you are getting still no double then most probably you game has not yet upgraded itself (some cache etc). Can you see Bunkers and Hangars discounted on Maze-Bank Foreclosure? If you can then as previously mentioned, full restart might always help. If this does not help then i have no idea.

Edited by Powerpuff
Additional info
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my game is up to date as i only bought the bunker because it was on discount.

i already have closed the game and the consol several times since to no result, sadly. ill try clearing game cache and shutting down/restarting the bunker business if its possible to see if it makes any difference.  

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i think i have figured out what is causing this: my supplies dont last as long as they should. meaning my bunker produces 10units per full bar instead of the normal 20 as mentioned above, resulting in 120k weapons value instead of 240k. is this because of the lack of equipment upgrade?

Edited by r2k
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Omg yes. Seriously, upgrade staff AND equipment! That's basic common sense.


$75k worth of supplies = $140k worth of product. (€210k selling in LS) so double week; double the product value. Takes 2hrs and 20 minutes to convert one full bar of supplies.

But honestly, upgrade Staff and Equipment otherwise you're wasting your time.

*I also recommend, when you can afford it, add sleeping quarters and Security upgrade. Means you can spawn in bunker, resupply, retire CEO, watch cameras, turn off controller and come back 2 and half hours later, resupply, sell and repeat. Easiest AFK money in game. 


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