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[PS4] SEAL Team 1: Vietnam, a SOCOM style War SIM Capture


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Mission Description:

SEAL Team 1 must infiltrate the Mekong Delta of Vietnam to intercept Intel. WAR SIMULATION CAPTURE. Vietcong are expecting a drug drop at their swamp base. Intel may provide VC locations in the region. VC Defend Base with help from 16 AI soldiers. SEALs are better armed, and must bring back 4 Intel cases to win. VC take 3 money bags to boats, then Defend. Death Penalty sends VC 1 min from base on foot, SEALs sent to ocean in Dinghy. 2 min boat travel from SEAL base to VC Base. 15 MIN ROUNDS.











Creators Notes:

I created my SEAL Team series back in the PS3 days. Back then I was hanging with Holier than Thou GCCC crew, and their advice was to say missions shouldnt be longer than 10 min. The few times I got to host this mission, 10 min was forcing the SEALs to hurry too much. So for the PS4 Remaster, the round lengths are 15 min, because it takes 2 min just to travel to the Vietcong base camp. 


Many of us loved the SOCOM games single player missions, being forced to use stealth to finish the mission. Well Im bringing stealth back! You cant just drive your boat up the middle of the river and get to the VC base without getting gunned down to death by AI VC standing guard at the shorelines. The mission is designed so that even if you play at a recommended minimum of 2v2, the VC players have AI to slow down any hard charging SEALs before they reach camp. The SEALs are forced to get out of the boat and dispatch the patrols. This time the mission is up from 16 players in PS3 to 24 players for PS4 for 12v12 (3 SEAL boat squads) action. Teamwork is needed just to engage the AI VC before they kill you, add to that the unpredictability of the VC players, and this mission is action packed with tactical gameplay to win your round. During the 1 min boat ride the SEALs take before they reach the beginning of the MeKong Delta, the VC players can get into whatever defensive positions they want. The more players there are, the more down river the spawn points are for the VC, with the first few VC players being assigned near the camp house. VC cant just push down river and leave their back base exposed. 

Death is rarely a penalty in GTA Capture missions, and I wanted death to punish the player who got killed foolishly. The VC are spawned up river, a 1 minute run away from the base. The SEALs respawn in their boats at the tip of the Delta, so they arent right back on top of the objective. Clear out the VC base, and any dead VC wont be back on top of you for a minute, while the SEALs grab the goods and get the hell out of Dodge. SEALs can carry up to 4 packages, so if one man has to save the round, he can. 

The VC start with 3 money bags that they quickly take to the shoreline drug dealer to score 3 points, and wait for the SEALs to come get their 4 cases of Intel to win the round. Even if you let the SEALs get off with the Intel, if you see them leave the VC base with 2 min to go or less, all is not lost, they still have to quickly navigate down river and back to their base before time runs out. Accidentally beach the boat or dont take the quickest line to your SEAL base, Game over. SEALs just need to drive their boat onto the beach to score back at their base. 

Everyone equipped with a knife. VC only have assault rifles, and one proximity mine package. SEALs have several Special Carbines, a few Sniper Rifles and Grenade Launchers. The more SEALs that play, the more their gear layed out before them assigns them to specific roles. Not everyone is intended to have sniper rifles and launchers. SEALs dont get a chance to resupply their superior gear, so they get 4 weapons each before jumping into Dinghys. VC get 1 weapon each at their spawn, but since they respawn so fast, you have a chance to get about 3-4 rounds of ammo before SEALs show up.  SEALs can also resupply at some of the VC spawn points across the swamp. 

The original VC camp house created on PS3 was pretty crude, mostly open roof, with the ground acting as the ground. With the prop manipulation of PS4, I created a much better story accurate base camp, featuring bedding, dining tables, kitchen, and officers quarters. Still has the same layout of the original mission, that I deleted. Base camp house alone uses nearly all 200 props. Set at night, it needed internal lighting. The metal roof looks like it would leak, and with the Weather set to Current, it will downpour in there sadly, but the roof looks realistically leaky, so I dont mind.  

Hope you enjoy this mission, and dont forget your jungle camo!. I know Captures are rarely played these days, but if by chance this one gets a good amount of plays, I'll remaster the rest of my special ops sim missions. 

Search #SEAL for more missions in the series. 

SEAL Team 1: Vietnam II

SEAL Team 9: The Lectors

SEAL Team 9: NK Hackers

SEAL Team 9: Suitcase Nuke

SEAL Team 9: Geronimo (Spoof raid of Osama Bin Laden camp)

Vietnam III: We Were Soldiers   (Land Air Cav teams in the valley and fight uphill towards VC tunnel bases)

Vietnam IV: Uncommon Valor  (Sim of the movie, that forces some unarmed players to be captured at start of round and remain in their pig pen cages, guarded by AI gunmen, while their buddies clear out the base and free them, extracting via helicopter)

Edited by AGNT009
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Side note. I noticed that usual props you can take cover against dont seem to work correctly when you lift them off the ground. All the fence walls should let you take cover against them. When I tested it and noticed you couldnt, I set up props next to them in corner areas to take cover against and most of them dont work either. Disappointing, but not my fault. I thought the fences were glitching because I buried them deeper into the camp floor, but that wasnt it. :( 

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As soon as you move props off their original rotation setting then the cover function doesn't work properly. Been that way for a while.

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