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Game stutters and lag spikes


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Hi guys,


Around a month or two ago I got some hardcore lag spikes while playing GTA, but

I didn't really act on it until now. Basically Whenever I start GTA, I spawn in Franklin's

House(All missions complete), When I move forward or move my mouse sometimes

The game freezes for like 2 seconds then continues fine with like 60 fps. Then about

A minute in to the game when I go outside, it starts to freeze every 4-5 seconds, then

Go down to like 30-20 FPS. I will also mention that the sound also stutters during these



My graphics card is an



My processor is an

Intel i5 Dual Processor



I cleaned out my PC, and I think i noticed a few differences for the better, but before that

I also did a few others things like change my graphics down(because that always helps right?)

So I'm not sure if that had an impact. Also nothing happened before this that would contribute

To the issues, no loud pop, no computer screaming, nothing like that. And when I tried Dirty Bomb,

Another Steam game something similar happens, but a lot worse, like I can't even move in game,

Yet CS:GO, Insurgency, Minecraft(Yes I did try it) work absolutely fine. So before this I was able to

Run the game perfectly, but now I reinstall the game, start vanilla and this happens. Very odd.


Thanks for your time, thanks in advance for any help! 


Additionally, here's a video demonstrating my issue


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Seems a low ram issue at first sight.. but if the game was running ok all the time before, then it might be your video card.. 1st do a clean video driver install, and if that doesn't fix it then you should try to do a clean windows install, and if that doesn't do it either, then try to replace that (old) gpu for a newer one like the radeon 560 4gb or the gtx 1050 4gb.

And of course if you don't have 8 gigs of ram, look for a way to get there, it's what's needed for fluid gta play.

Edited by III-Ari-III
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Arrows to Athens

This happens on PS4, too, especially if you're going really fast.


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Tried updating my graphics card, reset my Windows 10, reinstalled GTA 5 and still doesn't work. Would it

Seem like this is a problem with my processor since I get pretty good FPS, but bad consistency? 

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Oops, can a staff member move this to GTA V Support & Help instead of GTA Online help?

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