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“Audio Hardware” Settings


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I was noticing GTA III has a lot of different “Audio Hardware” options. Currently mine is set at the default: Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio.

I was wondering the difference between all the options and which is the best one to choose.

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I'm guessing here....so take this with a grain of salt. I think if you run this game on a newer PC it's not going to matter much, as it's going to use default and you may not notice a difference changing the options.

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EAX sounds brilliant and if you have EAX-compatible sound hardware, you should be using it. Adds a lot of depth to the experience. Miles 2D sounds so damn flat after you've experienced EAX.

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@Kelzarquence You'll need Creative ALchemy to get EAX working on recent machines. This poses a problem if you have a heavily modified game as ALchemy requires you to insert/replace dsound.dll in your game directory. There is a mod on GTAGarage that solves this, however, by referring the game to esound.dll instead. I think it's simply called Alchemy Fix.

Also GTA 3 supports two versions of EAX (IIRC v2 and v3). Differences aren't so noticeable, but use v3 anyway, obviously. You'll also have to set EAX every time you start the game as it resets itself to Miles 2D every time for some reason.

Edited by Helegad
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It's not difficult. Do you have Creative sound hardware that supports EAX? If so just install ALchemy, drop the ALchemy Fix into GTA III, and you should be good to go.

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I'm not sure what I have. I guess I'll try and check it out on my home computer later

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Yep that'll be the first step. Don't bother if your card doesn't support EAX, there's no way to jury rig it.

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@Helegad I tried doing some research and I'm still not sure if my audio card supports EAX. I have Realtek High Definition Audio. 

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It doesn't. It's a proprietary Creative technology. You'll have to spend a little bit of money to enjoy EAX.

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I'm big on sound and music so I whole-heartedly disagree with you there. Games like Thief and Half-Life also sound amazing with EAX. Check out this list for another hundred reasons why an EAX-supporting card is worth the trouble.

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I’m not gonna bother because the computer is from 2009 and it’s due for an upgrade. At the moment I’m trying to save some money for something else.

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Meh, spend $100-$150 on a good new sound card and you shouldn't ever have to replace it. Get an external USB one for extra longevity.

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I don’t even have $100. If I’m getting a new sound card I’m getting a new PC. I’m trying to save money for an external Xbox One hard drive. And I think my sound card is perfect the way it is. It’d also take some time to find something compatible with my computer. 

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