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Fallout 76

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Tldr. Public groups helped me salvage 1500 points. 


Well that was close. 


Saturday was my last day off and my friend that I play with us dealing with a new schedule. So I had only 2 of the "5 events with a team" and Saturday had the complete 1 event in a team. Add the "gold star for 5 challenges" and I was going to lose 1500 score, it's bad enough that I most likely wasn't going be able to play much during the days I work. 


As a last desperate ploy I was going to try to join a public team. However I didn't want to mess anybody up so I tried looking for a low level team. I kind of found one, there was a 120 and a 415 but the leader was a 35 so I took a chance. 


As soon as I joined somebody nuked prime. The group seemed all over the place so I decided I'd try to do 3 events before getting kicked. 


Scorched earth went on way top long, too many people on the bunker shooting at the queen.


After that uranium fever started. I ran through that quick. About at that time the leader quit and transferred leadership to the 415. 


Prime was nuked again so I went and joined that. Fortunately the bunker sitters weren't shooting at the queen this time, so it was over quickly. I hate to brag but I must've got her to land the majority of the time, she landed on top of me 3 times. 


So the public team's at least has some usefulness. 

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I am kind of disappointed I can't earn Atoms anymore. I have over 7000 all earned not bought. I know you can get some atoms in the reward list but there isnt many choices. I liked it as I could just earn what I wanted to and only do what I could do, then only buy what I wanted. Now I have to get crappy rewards I don't even want and have to do a days worth of dailies and not even get a reward out of it. I dont need 1000 caps or 25 gold bars, its tight ass sh*t if you ask me. In this list there is only 2 weapon skins I want, one for the combat rifle, but I am thinking it probably wont work with The Fixer as it doesnt even have an option to change paint so this is probably worthless. And then the handmade skin. However I already have 3 that are insanely good already and don't even know if its worth it. I don't like all the Ghillie skins and I don't use power armor. There isn't much for me with these items. So now I don't really have much drive to do much. I will do what I can and see how far I get, so next time I will know if its worth me even doing it. Just a shame as Atoms seemed to be a better way of doing it as you get to choose what you get, but they gotta get more money right?


I must admit I do like some of the daily improvements though, getting rid of that awful "Wear a dress and tie one hand around your balls then level up" daily. Now its just simply level up however you want. And some other tedious ones don't show up. But I keep getting the kill 3 legendaries, and that has been a weekly once, that as a daily is a bit much when you are short on time. Most people speedrun the wolfpack and kill them before I get there.


They really need to change the legendaries so that if you are within 25 meters of the person that kills them you it should count as you killing them, or at least let you get the legendary off their body. It is so stupid making everyone have to bumrush a legendary and if it is a big group they always kill it before you can even get a hit in. f*cking dumb system.

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Yeah...I'm not sure what is going on with all the difference currency and itchy and scratchy dollars these days.  Way too confusing for my simple mind.


Fallout 76 enlists the community to build a Brotherhood of Steel base

Seems fun. 


This jeep pisses me off so much.  It is in way too good of condition.  At the very least this thing looks like I could take it for a down hill go cart ride.


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Yeah, that looks like fun.


But the cork man, the cork!!  lol

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Pass. I just can't do another grind. What with seasons, I just got my gauss mini and ammo factory on 1 character, still grinding on a 2nd and need to raid 79 on a 3rd. 


Except for the BoS collectron. 

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The end is in sight. Level 85 legendary run. Phew

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When's the next big game update coming out?

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