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Fallout 76

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Finally checked around all of the traders for wall plans finishing in watoga. No suck luck. So much heat there had to run off into the wilderness to try and fast travel. Found a red palm tree forest and a scorchbeast appeared from nowhere and started attacking me. Thankfully he got more interested in an old monorail pole. Then these 2 retarded frog slendermen looking doods started chasing me they finally lost my tail when some molerats turned up and distracted them. I then escaped only to run strait into some level 50 robots that start shooting me in the arse while i try to escape again, then i see a trader brahmin running up the road in the opposite direction I'm like whoa there must be a travelling trader about haven't seen one in like my 30 hours playtime low and behold there's grahm who has just taken the heat from me with the robots and the scorched have turned up to to have a go at him. The scorchbeast then turns up and starts giving him some love to I'm like fook level 50 bad guys everywhere how am i going to be able to check what he has got! So clenched my butt cheeks and went fook it ran upto him mid battle interacted and quickly browsed what he has boom brick wall plans thank you very much ran off into the sunset and fast traveled home left it there for this evening.

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Heres a lil 8 second jewel...


Brought to you in association with Chang's Mongolian Grill & FalloutChang....




Edit: Chapter 1 "Deal Gone Sideways"


Highly To The Upmost Recommend watching Chapter 1 with this Song by Pat Benatar


Queued up second for second from the first second threw 1:14. Heard it on drive home tonight and it fits Uncanny like.



:) i Chang

Edited by Chang
Deal Gone Sideways

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