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Welcome to GTAForums v4!

Recommended Posts


Out with the old. Nice job and thanks for spending your time upgrading this community. You guys cool AF.

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Overall I quite like this upgrade especially being able to quote a part of someone's post. The only thing I don't really like is having names and titles above avatars. Just saw the real time notifications I love that.

Edited by Maxx1013
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1 hour ago, rollschuh2282 said:

Oh man, was this "content" page removed?

It showed all the threads i posted in and showed when someone posted something new.

I used that always. :cry:

It's been replaced with the "See my activity" button. Click on it and you'll see all the threads you have posted in.

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2 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

It's been replaced with the "See my activity" button. Click on it and you'll see all the threads you have posted in.

no, that not it.

that is not the same, it just shows all the posts.

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Happy to see this change, especially the change with HTTPS makes me happy because it was necessary for keeping sure making it nearly impossible for some one hijack forum sessions or passwords 😀


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Thanks for all the effort to keep it alive!

One thing that I would like to see improved is the visibility of the whole Modding section on the main page. Since the number of R* games has grown, the Modding sections are moved down deeper and deeper and this effect is magnified by the current layout. Some ideas what could be done:

- Since there is only a small and constant number (3) of entry points to modding, these could be moved above the "Grand Theft Auto" list. Even reducing it to one entry-point but moving it above the list of games would be better.

- Keep the modding sections below the "Grand Theft Auto" list, but expand it by one level. The number of clicks to get to the desired modding section is quite high already.


Btw: Just noticed while editing: bullet-points / itemize does not work in this editor. I'm using the latest Firefox version.

Edited by goodidea82
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Great job! V4 looks amazing! It was worth the wait. 👌


Edited by crsN
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Pushing 17 years of the same layout, don't know how I feel (yet) about surprisingly drastic changes, but if I'd never been here before I'd probably think it looks great and pretty clean! Will be giving it time definitely. :)

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It's pretty decent I guess.

Also why does it open "Activity" tab when you open a profile? Shouldn't it be "About Me"?

Edited by Rewas
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I feel like I would have an overwhelming chunk of questions, but I'll leave those to more private convos.


I'm just worried about the loss of some features, which is one of the reasons I'm not fond of the sudden change...

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I have a bit mixed feelings about the redesign. It looks quite... Mobile. All these empty spaces, everywhere, on the top, on the bottom. Although it's nice to see some modernizations (like pop-up notifications - they're cool), I think the new system doesn't look as good as it could have, and does not utilize the space it was stretched to fill.

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At last!


Also, please tell me the removal of the star ratings are permanent lol

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6 hours ago, GTAKid667 said:

GTAGarage and the rest of the network sites will return in a few days time as mentioned here :) 

New version of gtagarage finally happening after decades of waiting :D ? I hope so!

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I got two small "bugs" to report.

1. I no longer get send to the first unread post, but to the first post/page when I click on a topic.

2. Whenever I press enter it leaves an empty line instead of just going to the line below.

Mobile device.

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Tails Prower

Well very much like the new look and layout of the forum but will take a bit of getting used to!

Good work all round to the admin/site staff.

Just wanted to add thanks for allowing the use of pics and custom uploads for the profile pages, that will make it much easier for me to contribute content in the future.

Edited by Tails Prower
Added comments!
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On 5/28/2018 at 6:05 PM, uNi said:

Ever wanted to quote a bit of a post from someone, and had to edit the whole thing out? Not anymore, select the portion of the text of you wish to quote, a small pop-up will appear, click it and the quote is ready to go!

Oh look, it works!

When's V5 coming, though?

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6 hours ago, Jimmy said:

What happened to the Staff List directory (The Moderating Team Page)? Will be back? Pretty sure that it was customizable in IPB4.

It's still being finished, some things aren't linked yet.

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11 hours ago, Spider-Vice said:

For the masses, we are perfectly aware of some remaining bugs in the mobile versions of the website, plus other little things. We will need your help to report what you see, CONSTRUCTIVELY. We're aware of most big issues you are seeing and they are being worked on.


Use the feedback thread in Forum Support for feedback!

Will there be a mobile app version of this forum at any point in the future?  That would be a good idea. 👍 a lot of people use Their phones. 

Edited by Mr-Infinite_Rage
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When you trying to use Bulleted list or Numbered list, the text color in the editor becomes white, and you can't see what you're writing. Might want to fix that.

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As mentioned in someone's post above, the spacing on pages is unbalanced. It feels like there is more to scroll through than there should be. The quick nav on the left is quite distracting.

Was there no heads up about the outage for 5 or so days? Maybe I just missed it.

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I just came from mod index thread, I couldn't click any links, they just redirected me to the same page.

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