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What enterable buildings would you like to see in GTA Next?


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This is so cool, I visited this site for the first time in a while and found my post still a main post in the GTA6 sub! Cool!

To continue off the last two years worth of interiors I'd also like to add:


-An extensive and useful subway system like GTA4,Watch Dogs, less like GTA5's dead and useless one

-Enterable banks you can attempt to rob in free roam (No insanely high payout, just enough to make sense)

-An underground mall that connects to the subway and buildings (Like the PATH in Toronto)

-Large office buildings we can enter (i.e enter elevator in lobby and load in to a single main floor of said building)

-A large sports arena, would be fun in gameplay (Opening roof, land helis inside, or actually be able to watch/play a sport)

-An extremely detailed prison. Multiple cell blocks etc. Could even be a whole chapter in game where you're in prison, I found that particularly immersive in Mafia 2 and Watch Dogs. 

-Hotels. If the map is really large it would be immersive AF to be able to stay in a hotel in a town or area where you aren't based, also could be fun for shootouts

-Grocery stores, could be fun for hiding from the cops and would add to the living breathing aspect.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Indoor shopping mall

Lots of stores like a gaming store, record store, grocery store etc

Huge skyscrapers with complete interiors

Apartment buildings

A synagogue

Pet store (so you can adopt a pet)

Deep underground military bases

Sewers with mole people


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Funeral Parlors - use them to smuggle drugs in dead bodies.


Furniture stores -  Smuggle drugs/weapons in the furniture


I also want more interactable buildings with activities we can do in them. By that I mean illegal backroom businesses. Maybe the corner store runs a couple of cock fights or just illegal high stakes gambling like poker or russian roulette.




Maybe even have an illegal bookie who takes sports bets that you can bet on and then when certain people can't pay up you go out and beat up, break some kneecaps of the degenerate gamblers who owe the business money.


Massage parlors/spas/saunas would run brothels.


Also I'd like more stuff to do with the existing interiors we have like strip clubs and nightclubs. Strip clubs/Nightclubs should be hubs for criminal activity. Have a couple of shady people sitting in the corner of the room and talk to them and they may give you a job opportunity like a hit to kill someone, steal a car, drug deals, kidnapping, the location of hidden drugs/money. These would also be great places to recruit some crew members if you're trying to put a job together like a heist or be recruited yourself and act as hired muscle for another crew looking to pull off a job.



Take a page out of what Assassins creed Black Flag did whenever you took Edward Kenway to a tavern. You'd pay the bartender to gain some information and he'd tell you in a very short cutscene about naval convoys and treasure. R* can take that idea and improve on it way more than Ubisoft ever did and apply it to the GTA world.

Edited by Zello
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  • 3 months later...

-Mall (where you can drive around inside)

-All the "casual" buildings that are part of GTA and where you can easily see inside, like fast food restaurants, gas stations etc.


Other than that I don't really care. Personally I feel it would be a waste of time to create interiors to generic apartment buildings, offices etc. I always find it awkward when only few of those "generic" buildings have interiors and most not, you have to specifically know, I find it opposite to immersion (better to just assume they're not enter-able and not waste time bumbing into texture doors, if you get my point?) I doubt GTA 6 will have looting/eating system, so I don't see the point of having an access to random apartments if you can't steal food from people's refrigerators...


Put all that time and money into one detailed and destructible mall



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Stores (food, clothes, cars, maybe furniture?, etc.) and at least one mall

Nightclubs and bars

Multiple safehouses

Some corridors of apartment buildings functioning as shortcuts and roof access (like in IV)

Some generic apartments/houses accessible as part of a burglary activity

Casino(s), arcades and other gambling locations such as backroom poker games

Some form of arena, like a football stadium

A Zoo with reptile enterable reptile houses and stuff

Amusement park with haunted house, hall of mirrors etc.

RVs and trailers, yachts/boats

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  • 2 months later...
Eminem Jeff

- Theme park(s)

- Airport(s)

- Cave(s)

- Military base underground

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  • 2 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

. Superstores like Wall-Mart & Target

. Nightclubs, bars, cafés

. Hotels & apartment buildings 

. Condos & private homes

. Gas Stations & convenience stores 

. Banks


All rob-able by stick-up or looting like in RDRII. You should be able to shop-lift from stores.



Edited by Just-Chippin
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On 10/18/2020 at 2:02 PM, GTAhare said:

Bowling alleys would be fun. 

GTA 4 has made me disagree.

  • excuseme 1
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If there is a building, there should be a interior. If the doors are locked, we can shoot them off, use a lock pick or hack. 

The main map leak looks a similar size to V. So in order to be a better game, the buildings must be seamlessly accessible with no loading. 

I understand that some building interiors will have a 1 second load (like elevators) for different floors. Maybe we can even pick elevator floors if we can’t be bothered to take the stairs.

V was a big disappointment about not letting us go into fast food restaurants, when in IV we could. At least V had 24/7’s interiors though.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

-Area 69 
-Strip Clubs/Other clubs 
-Malls (like the North Point Mall available in gta vc)
-Some hidden places (like gta 4)

-Houses (to rob them just like burglar missions in gta sa)
-Some roofs to see everything we can see
-Enemies houses after we killed them (like gta sa)
-Working arcades with QUB3D and/or other cool games
-Fast foods/Restaurants
-Banks (to rob them or just to visit)
-The Quarry


Edited by Diciotto
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Some big ass hotel which is interactive enough for you to stay for hours.Crowded,lively and full of concerts,activities and so on.Could be in Orlando.Could be tied to story also where we help the owner.

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The Tracker
Posted (edited)

If the game is set in the 80's or 90's, and we get bigass mall like we did in VC, It definitely should feel like this





Edited by The Tracker
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