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What enterable buildings would you like to see in GTA Next?

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Shyabang Shyabang

A convention / exhibition center shown in these videos:





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This is so cool, I visited this site for the first time in a while and found my post still a main post in the GTA6 sub! Cool!

To continue off the last two years worth of interiors I'd also like to add:


-An extensive and useful subway system like GTA4,Watch Dogs, less like GTA5's dead and useless one

-Enterable banks you can attempt to rob in free roam (No insanely high payout, just enough to make sense)

-An underground mall that connects to the subway and buildings (Like the PATH in Toronto)

-Large office buildings we can enter (i.e enter elevator in lobby and load in to a single main floor of said building)

-A large sports arena, would be fun in gameplay (Opening roof, land helis inside, or actually be able to watch/play a sport)

-An extremely detailed prison. Multiple cell blocks etc. Could even be a whole chapter in game where you're in prison, I found that particularly immersive in Mafia 2 and Watch Dogs. 

-Hotels. If the map is really large it would be immersive AF to be able to stay in a hotel in a town or area where you aren't based, also could be fun for shootouts

-Grocery stores, could be fun for hiding from the cops and would add to the living breathing aspect.

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Bowling alleys would be fun. 

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