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Songs you think are on the chopping block for rerelease

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So much like Vice City and San Andreas before it, if VCS gets released on PSN (I really hope it does as it would be the sharpest and best-running version), it will have a share of missing songs. Im wondering if anyone knows which ones are most susceptible to being removed. Or rather, what YOU think is getting the axe.


I would assume anything by Michael Jackson is done for, given what happened with Vice City. Stranglehold by Ted Nugent might be cut due to Nugents statements since 2007, but then again he hasnt been in trouble for a while now.

Edited by BoulderFaceplant

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Hmmm nice bike

I don't think VCS even had any MJ songs, so maybe for 2006 that was even considered a non-option. Just imagine how much more expensive the licensing would be today.

I feel like a majority of the soundtrack would still be problematic in getting the licensing sorted out again. VCS had an amazing soundtrack, but it used a ton of famous songs. Literally anything on Flash FM, Wave 103, V-Rock, VCFL and Emotion could face the axe. Some speculate that there might actually be a ton of songs on all of these stations that would have to be cut unless they pay a ton of money for the licensing again, and that this is part of the reason why VCS never got a re-release.

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Lock n' Stock

For a minor spin-off game, I was always amazed at the quality of VCS's soundtrack, especially on Flash FM and Wave 103 ('Blue Monday' and 'A Forest' are my sh*t). For me, it was essentially on par, if not better than the original VC. That said, we all know lousy Rockstar is at renewing music licenses (*cough* Vladivostok FM *cough*), so I wouldn't be surprised if the soundtrack for VCS gets butchered for a re-release.


Oh yeah, and Nugent being a unhinged nutcase aside, 'Stranglehold' is a hell of a song. I wouldn't be surprised however if Rockstar cut it based on association with Ted alone.

Edited by Lock n' Stock
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