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PS4 Military Roleplay Crew Recruitment

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to Et Legio Sactus The Fallen Legion!


We are a Military Role-Play crew that emphasizes Community and Teamwork. We have come together from a now disbanded crew to form a new Legion. Our name was developed after our old crew had fallen and from the ashes we have formed! Our community stood strong and loyal, which never faltered. If you are looking for a crew that is loyal to you, then look no further. When you join The Fallen Legion, youre not only joining a crew but rather a COMMUNITY whose focus is on one another.



What we offer:

Structure/Hierarchy We offer each of our members the ability to choose their role and we will work with everyone to get them into their desired position. Our ranking system allows for members to move up and gives YOU a purpose to fill!​

Crew Activities and Events Our first goal is community! In order to achieve and maintain an effective community, we offer the chance to experience GTA on a new level through our incorporation of Role Play in our weekly sessions​

Dedication and Loyalty Our second goal is teamwork and cooperation! We are mature gamers that work together to reach a common goal; a community that trusts one another and forge a lasting friendship.​



All candidates 16 and older must go through a recruitment phase to join our ranks. First, you must apply to join our crew, using the form below. Second, you will meet with a recruiter via voice chat and discuss details of your enlistment with us! The application guide is as follows:



Application Guide




Social Club ID:




Time zone:




In-Game Rank:


K/D Ratio:


Crew History:


Something about yourself:


Desired division:


You must join our discord to talk to our recruiters to set up a voice chat meeting. https://discord.gg/pTrnBYD


Social Club link : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/et_legio_sanctus




Upon enlisting into our ranks, you will have the opportunity to go through any of our many divisions from Air Force to Infantry and more divisions to come. You can focus on a dedicated role or work your way up the Chain of Command. All we ask in return is to follow our Crew Principles



Crew Principles




We ask that all of our members show loyalty to The Fallen Legion crew as well as each member therein. We ask that you always put your crew members and the crew in general first before any other and in return we will give you our unwavering loyalty.




When you join The Fallen Legion, you join a team. We are not a group of lone wolves running without a leader. We work together as a team and play as a team. Respect for your fellow crew member is a MUST. Disrespect and unruliness will NOT be tolerated.




Upon joining, you are accepting a calling of the highest standard. This includes willingness to follow rules, obey orders, and carry out your duties with HONOR and INTEGRITY.




There is no room in our crew for disrespectful or unruly members. We are professional gamers seeking professional members.



**The Fallen Legion fully understands the obligations and responsibilities of real-life. Our purpose is to enrich the gaming experience and offer a professional environment for our members to do so in. There is no circumstance in which we want to boss or order you around. Harassment is not tolerated by any means within our ranks. The Fallen Legion is a professional community with core values**



We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender


-Winston Churchill

Edited by Uncle Sikee Atric
Added SC link

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