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General Scrotum

Recommended Posts

General Scrotum



The Last Stand

Running Training Test One

Running Training Test Two

Running Training Test Three

Running Training Test Four

Fighting Training Test One

Fighting Training Test Two

Fighting Training Test Three

Fighting Training Test Four

Fighting Training Test Five

Weapon Training Test One

Weapon Training Test Two

Weapon Training Test Three

Weapon Training Test Four

Driving Training Test One

Driving Training Test Two

Driving Training Test Three

Flying Training Test One

Flying Training Test Two

Boating Training Test One

Boating Training Test Two

Choisissez Votre Destin

Chronicles of Secronom

Gang War I


The Chronicles of John Secronom

Johnny Nixon Chronicles



BUYSAG: Da Nang Boys:

-In the Beginning

-Securing the Ship

-Welcomed by the Triads



The Chronicles of Albert Wesker

Government and Gang Members



BUYSAG: Triads:

-A Deal from Liberty City



The Army

Dead Frontier



BUYSAG: Loco Syndicate:

-The New Loco Syndicate

-Two Old Allies

-A Strange Buyer

-Hit on the Vagos

-Four Gangs, One Mafia Family



Operation RADSE

Sandcastle Assault



BUYSAG: Leone Mafia Family:

-Ride in the Heights

-Capo Dela Famiglia Leone



The Story of Samuel Garret

The Tale of Jack Frazer

Students of Greenglass College



BUYSAG: The Last Dime Motel Eses:

-The Last Dime Motel Eses



BUYSAG: Loco Syndicate:

-A Crime Syndicate and Drugs in Heights

-Drug 69

-The First Gang War

-Robbing the Armies

-Fight for Blueberry

-A New Era

-Burried and Promotion



Choose Your Destiny

Special Weapons and Tactics

Special Weapons and Tactics 2

Special Weapons and Tactics 3

Special Weapons and Tactics 4

The Chronicles of John Secronom: Gang War I


One Shots Challenges - Racing

Special Weapons and Tactics 5

The Story of Samuel Garret 2

(MOTW #31) A New Nightmare Begins



BUYSAG II: Triads:

-The Las Venturas Triad

-Ecstasy? Buying!

-Kong Kuang Hui?

-Ecstasy? Selling!

-In Times of Poverty... You Take What You Can!









The Last Stand Remake

San Andreas Army Recruitment Drill: Stamina Test

Edited by Jisseikatsu
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General Scrotum

The Last Stand 


-Objectives: 12

-Actors: 19

-Cars: 0

-Pickups: 3

-Objects: 1



The Last Stand Remake


-Objectives: 51

-Actors: 76

-Cars: 18

-Pickups: 2

-Objects: 24

Edited by Jisseikatsu
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Played both, original and remake missions of The Last Stand.


The original is pretty fun and easy to play. A solid mission for beginner and considering it's an very old mission (8 years), it's good for then's standards (still, I'm jealous on your good grammar xD). The remake on the other hand feels a lot more serious and it actually has a plot this time, but still doesn't departure from it's original ''funny'' feel and is a great improvement over the original. Not just by statistics, but the atmosphere, difficulty and some extra dialogue that was missing in the original. That objective where you had to kill ballas in CJ's room got me really f*cked up once i ran on that shotgun guy. I even failed mission two times (once the balla with the shotgun killed me, and the second time one of my allies died). It's a simple mission consisted from all elements (intro, gameplay, outro) from which a player can see that there's room for a sequel (since the outro showed the cops driving towards the grove street). Let's not forget about the details such as food objects and cinematic warfare in the grove street.


Like Big Bear would say: 'Blast from the past!'


Awesome mate, keep up with this. I really enjoyed playing and comparing these two.

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General Scrotum

Running Training Test One


-Objectives: 6

-Actors: 0

-Cars: 0

-Pickups: 0

-Objects: 0


San Andreas Army Recruitment Drill: Stamina Test


-Objectives: 32

-Actors: 17

-Cars: 0

-Pickups: 0

-Objects: 21



Jisseikatsu 0:49 / 10:10

DennysCute -- / 11:03

Edited by Jisseikatsu
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  • 3 months later...
General Scrotum

-I have rearranged the topic layout - original at the top, remake at the bottom.


-Updated times for Running Training Test One and San Andreas Army Recruitment Drill: Stamina Test.



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Giorgia Vinegar

I'm really like mission(s) of the moderators of community but I'm gonna play it for sure Jissei! :):pirate:

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