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LCS Handling File

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Posted (edited)



Anyone know how these values are applied in-game? as far as I know all the decimal values are float values but i'm not sure if they're byte reversed or not, only things values I can find for vehicle modding via TempAR and CWCheat is the Vehicle texture colours and Proofing via garage modifiers.


The custom cheat engine fix EdisonCarter made with the rocket boost code only seems to work properly on one version rather than the newer patched ones and if you have over prx's loaded like LEDControl some codes have no effect either and conflict. I found the PS2 code version but no default values where listed making it impossible to find / port.


Rocket Boost
replace XXXX in first line with:
3B80 = rocket boost 2 // good for flying the dodo
3BC5 = rocket boost 3
3C00 = rocket boost 4
3C44 = rocket boost 6
3C80 = rocket boost 8 // good for flying a motorcycle
3D00 = rocket boost 16 // way too much

200FFF50 3C01003E
200FFF54 448E3000
200FFF58 C4279B8C
200FFF5C 46073182
200FFF60 C6270010
200FFF64 460639C2
200FFF68 C6280070
200FFF6C 46074200
200FFF70 E6280070
200FFF74 C6270014
200FFF78 460639C2
200FFF7C C6280074
200FFF80 46074200
200FFF84 E6280074
200FFF88 C6270018
200FFF8C 460639C2
200FFF90 C6280078
200FFF94 46074200
200FFF98 E6280078
200FFF9C 03E00008
200FFFA0 DFB100B8
202BCF80 DFB100B8
D060B8C2 0000BFFF
202BCF80 0C03FFD3

Edited by Mikhail2k18

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All I know is that the format of LCS/VCS handing is the same as SA, with the exception being that LCS uses VC format for handling flags. Some values aren't the same as in the file; they are mutliplied. My guess would be they're multiplied the same way as in VCS, which is documented. Check here and here, not how they're stored (VCS is different) but how and if they're multiplied or not

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