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Voiced protagonist for online.


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The main gameplay feature they have stressed in the previews is the NPC interactivity, there seems to be a gigantic focus on this feature, so do you think they will abandon it in favour of a mute protag for online? It would definitely be a tricky task but I think it could be pulled off, especially considering the multiplayer will be the long term money maker.

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I think they won't abandon the silent type Character, Since It's Your Character And You Give His/Her Voice From Your Mic.

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I think the character will make simple grunts and sounds based on gender when shot/injured or whatever but i doubt the character will be fully voiced.

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That's the one thing I disliked about GTA Online. Your character can't even make grunts when taking damage. I think coughing was the only thing the could do.


Even Claude from GTA III can make vocal sounds when taking damage.

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Well in RDR you could press the B button (Xbox) and your character would yell taunts...so I could see the possibility of this returning. I kind of hope it returns as most characters had different taunts.

On one hand it would be cool to yell stuff out but on the other I like the silent-type as it gives a bigger feel of immersion. I don't really want a speaking character in cutscenes as I prefer mission-givers noting our silence. Edited by livejoker
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