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Trevor & Floyd relationship

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Posted (edited)

I like when Floyd leaves the house. I get to follow him around and talk to him. Trevor says "hey there, cupcake", "hello handsome", "hello muscles", "hey there, tough guy", and "hello sugar". I think he likes Floyd. I accidentally killed him, though, from punching him too much.


I'm replaying the game again just so I can play with Floyd. Floyd sat down on a bench and Trevor took a selfie with him. He also took some pictures while he was sleeping. I also like Floyd's home as Trevor's Safehouse much better than the trailer and strip club. It's much nicer and closer to the beach.


I hated Floyd at first, but now I really like his character. He's always talking on the phone and searching for things around the house when Trevor isn't there. He hangs up when Trevor comes home. I want more story with these two.


What do you think?

Is he raped him?

Edited by teenageshitto

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Posted (edited)

It's pretty heavily implied Floyd is getting sexually harassed by Trevor which is what is clearly happening, but I wouldn't put it past the "le edgy xD" character to rape, or at least sexually abuse Floyd.

Trevor doesn't like Floyd by the way. He taunts and bullies Floyd to get what he wants. I would venture to guess Trevor only keeps Floyd alive because of Wade.

Edited by RetroMystic

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Change Floyd's sex to a female and replay that switch scene, ESRB and so many feminist groups would go ape sh*t over it.


Implication of rape is glaring, but since it's male-on-male we can laugh it off and pretend it's funny.

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