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Darth Bindo

About sharks in San Andreas..

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Darth Bindo

Recently I've seen a youtube video by DarkMythHunter about sharks spawning in San Andreas waters (

So apparently sharks CAN spawn near the player when he dives deep into the water (just like dolphins and turtles) but the problem is that a chance of shark spawning has like 0.001 probability.
I was swimming through San Fierro bay bottoms for a couple of hours but I didn't manage to encounter a single shark (though I think that I saw a glimpse of one right under Gant bridge but it was too far away and dissapeared before I could make a screenshot).
There are a lot of people who are skilled in scripting and modding the game so I would like to ask one question:
Is there some way to increase the shark spawning probability so that they could spawn as often as dolphins? Edited by Darth Bindo

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lil weasel

The presence of sharks in GTA San Andreas is often debated, but most players reported sighting them mostly in the Easter Basin area. Even if the appearance of sharks in the waters of San Andreas isn't fully confirmed, their model is in fact present in the game files, being the same as the one in Vice City.

It is my understanding that the shark is in the game code, UNUSED.

Only a modified game will have a shark spawn.

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I think the reason sharks are so incredibly rare is because it would no sense if you were swimming in the waters and you saw numerous big sharks near you that were not attacking you despite them being dangerous creatures.

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