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Why is there no PC version?


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Is there even a reason for no mention of a PC version of RDR2? Is Rockstar games being a sack of c*nts who dont operate rationally or logically outside of milking GTA Online to death for more money?

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Maximize profit.

They could release all versions at the same time if they wanted to, but they've seen with GTA V that people will happily buy the game twice to play it on PC.

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Double dipping. They know a lot of people will by the console version regardless of them preferring PC, and will by the game again on PC when it releases later. They got people to buy GTAV 3 times, you can bet they are going to try to do the same thing with the rest of their games.


Assuming they are actually running the game on the same engine as GTAV and not an unstable Frankenstein version of RAGE like RDR1, there should already be a PC version in the works right now waiting to be announced. They said with GTAV they already had a PC version very early in development, and the PC version was used as the baseline for the PS4/Xbone versions, so if they were successful with that development process they most likely will do it again.

Edited by oCrapaCreeper
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I would say it's due to being a console exclusive title but that isn't the case. It's more to get people to buy the game on consoles in then they end up buying it on PC.


It's kinda of a hard question to answer to be honest as the Red Dead series was never on PC including Revolver.

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2013: GTA V out for Xbox 360 and PS3 and also look at all these Special Editions Oh yay


2014: Oh hey look guys look what we have here. Oh you got your ps4s and xbones. Look its the game but with more pretty grass for your ass


2015: Oh oh guys look we have the game but its on your computer. But you know its where we actually made it.



2018: Hey guys we're back with a brand new game and look I hope you still have your xbones and ps4 cause we have some fancy special editions


TBA: Hey guys......we're baaaack with brand new experience for the N̶i̶n̶t̶e̶n̶d̶o̶ ̶S̶w̶i̶t̶c̶h̶

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It's been this way since GTA 4, the PC version comes after the console release. It sucks, but it's just the way it is.

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Is there even a reason for no mention of a PC version of RDR2? Is Rockstar games being a sack of c*nts who dont operate rationally or logically outside of milking GTA Online to death for more money?

Huh?????? Dude just wait for it...The Take two CEO already hinted at a PC release at a later time during the Conference call last week....KEY WORD : HINTED...nothing was confirmed at all.....
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I think more than money, the video game piracy could still be a factor, including the modding and hacking of the games. Though Rockstar's latest, strict and secure DRM measures don't really allow any possibility to play the full game offline. Its extremely difficult, to say the least. So that should not be a concern anymore, which leads me to another important point - the optimization of PC games! Maybe they need proper time and focus to release the best possible game that runs on every computers without any problems.

In other words, the console versions (beta testers, as jokingly implied) will undergo a lot of changes and updates, which is an advantage for the PC players to experience a better version upon release, plus the inclusion of a multiplayer component that further delays the release for obvious reasons as seen in case of Online.

There's a past precedent of releasing PC version of Max Payne 3 in the same month, since it was not an open world game featuring a multiplayer as complex as Online.

So, I think money is the last reason for not releasing it simultaneously. There could be other factors involved that we don't know.


What is really upsetting is the fact that they don't even mention PC during announcement and that really annoys the PC players, and it sends out a wrong message that Rockstar only cares about the money by not releasing it simultaneously, even if that is not the case.

It's a stupid misconception that by announcing the PC version, the sale of the console versions will somehow take a hit.

Literally most of what you said can be thrown out of the window by looking at GTAV PC where the files were shown to be finished around the same time as the console "Next Gen" versions and the PC version is literally that with pre-packed patches that the consoles had.


GTAV was held back on PC because Take-Two like multi fiscal year profits over a single title, GTAV was actually sold across THREE Fiscal Year release points making Take-Two look like an amazing company stocks wise. Rockstar agree to this and are happy to release PC ports later, even going as far to lie about them existing because it works out for them too, why rake in ALL the profits one year when you can spread it across two and then also tempt people to double dip by holding back some features for the PC port.

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Piracy, while not exactly a non-issue, is a sh*tty excuse and most if not all major PC publishers have finally realised that by now. Used to be that they'd throw out really crappy ports and then go "look, it's not selling, that's cause piracy" but it wasn't until studios actually started putting out good PC versions that sold well till they realised that no, people just didn't actually want to buy sh*t ports.


You could make a point that they need more time to make sure the PC version is up to scratch and who knows, that might actually play a big part but a studio of Rockstar's size and resources should surely be able to do a simultaneous console and PC release in 2018. I'm not saying it's easy, but come on now, other studios cope with it just fine.


Which leaves the obvious answer to the PC question. Double dipping, and like Ash said, stretching out one release over years to look good for Take-Two. Take-Two don't release that many big games and rely heavily on Rockstar, so any time Rockstar do release a game these days they tend to make the most out of it.

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