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Jim Carrey - Conversation & More


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Admins give this topic a chance.


Jim Carrey is best comedian i've ever seen in my life.His movies are amazing and some of his movies are very stupid and low rated. I created this topic to argue about his best comedy movies,about his funniest scenes,quotes etc.


I didn't have time to write more about him so you can just read this.

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I loved Jim in the 90s, but he's long since fallen off the wagon in my opinion. He's not a bad actor, he just hasn't had any good roles in a long while. My favorites growing up were The Mask and the Ace Ventura movies. Truman Show is probably one of my favorite movies ever, and I remember how paranoid it made me. He was also great in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

I suggest you guys check out Jim and Andy on Netflix. It's the story of the making of Man on the Moon and gives some insight to Carrey's mindset during filming. He went apesh*t pretty much.



Edited by TheFoxRiverFugitive
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Doctor Holliday

Jim Carrey is undoubtedly a comic genius in the vein of Robin Williams. What's curious about his career is that the majority of his fame comes from his cult-status and not mainstream success. I know that many of us loved them in spite of critical reviews, but unlike Williams, most of Carrey's films have been financial failures. His fans can quote Jim all day long but according to Hollywood he's a very risky bet which is why he's totally fallen off the radar.


He took another stab at it this year with Dark Crimes but so far it's not looking so hot...



And I love Jim Carrey.

I just wish he would pick better roles.

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