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What are some must-have "bring online features to sp"? (apartments etc)


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I remember being able to have apartments and garages but also remember those mods being really buggy.

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R* f*cked over their loyal single player fan base back in 2015 and a lot of them lost a lot of trust and stopped playing the game period because R* made promises and never delivered on any of them especially the much awaited Story Mode DLC but R* decided eh f*ck em the kiddies in GTAOnline have access to their mommy's mastercard and will buy sharkcards.


So if R* had ANY hope of bringing back their story mode fan base they would need to do something that is 10,000% unrelated to Online that means none of that futuristic flying cars crap and attemping to becoming a mini-Kim Jong Un but would need to build SP their own full story line more or less they need to do something like the GTA IV DLC.


* The Lost and Damned

* Ballad Of Gay Tony


Maybe build one of the stories around Michael's like in North Yankton and the other story follow Michael Son and his gaggle of Gangsta's starting out as petty criminals such as stealing cars, breaking into houses and progressing to bigger and bigger crimes til they set on a robbery spree they attempt to knock over Clunkin' Bells. Gas Stations and you have to pull off even bigger and bigger robberies before you finally get to the big one and depending on who you killed in the Finale the other two (or three) come back and help you pull off the heist

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