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[PC] Wrecked Souls Motorcycle Club [OPEN] [Social Club Link]

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Posted (edited)



Link to Social Club Crew - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wrecked_souls_mc

Notes upon joining The Wrecked Souls Motorcycle Club Crew



- MUST be based on PC, not Console.
- 18+ This is simply a guideline, if you believe you can act mature and are below 18 your more than welcome.
- Not majorly required but have some form of headset or Mic for communications via Skype for example or in game.
- Speak English or at least have a basic knowledge of English to communicate to us without many communication barriers.

- Mostly active during UK Timezone.




Purpose of this Crew being Established


The whole reason I am creating this new crew is to simply find like minded players who enjoy playing online without using all of the Overpowered features, and who enjoy trying to portray a character in a realistic sense. This crew is Open to anyone to join, so your goals may differ depending on who your playing with. Many of your goals may be to raise further money for eachother, may be to seek out rival crews who're doing supply runs etc... it's up to you.


Ranks - Open, requiring further development

President - Aldaz108

Vice President - [Open]

​Secretary - [Open]

Sgt at Arms - [Open]

Road Captain - [Open]

Patched Member - [To be added]

Prospect - [Open]




If you have any questions which are not awnsered here in this thread feel free to drop me a PM via Social Club or on the forums here.

Edited by Aldaz108

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