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GTA V Mod Question! - PLEASE READ!

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Posted on wrong subsection before - Soz.

Hey, I got GTA V the other day and have been playing it loads! I have it on my PS4 and Xbox One and was impressed but on PC the way you can mod it is a whole other story!

I have been doing loads of modding like using Menyoo, Simple Trainer, LSPDFR and FiveM. Now, when I use these mods I love them! But when I want to play GTA Online, I occur a problem.

I have to uninstall all my mods because Grand Theft Auto V says that I'm "Trying to access online servers with a modified version of the game." and then sends me back to story mode; don't get me wrong, I understand. GTA V is right. I am trying to. But I don't want to. So community, as a new member of this forum; I ask you:

- How do I keep all my mods but then access Grand Theft Auto Online without having to uninstall EVERY SINGLE MODIFICATION.

Thank you for reading, get back to me soon! (Some time today?)



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OpenIV has a feature that allows you to switch modified files off and on so you can play Online without uninstalling your mods. You just deactivate them.


Go to "Tools" => "ASI Manager" - to switch the ASI of a mod or trainer off when you want to go online.


If you want to install a car mod, you can tell OpenIV to make a copy of a file in "Mods" folder to install mod into, so the game accesses a modified copy of a file instead of altering the original one. So when you switch the ASI off, the game accesses the original files again and you don't need to uninstall everything every time.


You can also use mods in Editor mode, so if you edit a record that you took in GTA Online, you can alter the appearance of models for the video with mods, like put custom liveries on your car.


If i may hijack your topic: there is Menyoo that works? I thought it is not updated anymore.

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