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San Andreas loads into permanent black screen.

deleted account

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deleted account


This happens when I put the game folder into the Rockstar Games folder

if the GTA San Andreas folder is on the desktop the game loads perfectly fine.

So why does it crash?

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lil weasel

Start with:

Which version did you Buy? DVD v1, DVD v2, STEAM registered download v3?

What is your operating system?

Are any modifications made to the Game?

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deleted account

Downloaded version.

PC, really powerful one.

CLEO, this started happening after I got rid of San Vice

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deleted account

And another revelation is that the game works in Rockstar Games if I change the name of GTAS SAs folder

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Well as always avoid installing gta sa on C:\ it wont work unless you removed the UAC from your windows other things are add gta_sa.exe to DEP run in compatibility mode windows XP service pack 2 and run as admin,if you have cleo you should grab save loader plugin it will replace some stuffs you can make the game to start similar as gta IV without selecting the save other benefits are using a folder you specified (in my case i use the same folder of gta sa which gets renamed to the mod name like Gta Oddysey or similar i only installed once the game i ripped the sounds and then just copy pasted the folder to create different mods with unique gameplays)

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