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Gta 4 enb lag


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Hey, I can run gta 4 in full settings smoothly without any graphics mod like enb or ice enhancer... But after applying these graphics modes like enb.. The game lags

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That's normal! ENB and Icenhancer are mods that improve the graphics of the game, so it's completely normal that FPS went down a little bit.

+ Graphics ---> - FPS

- Graphics ---> + FPS

If you want to roll back to the original version of the game I really really hope you made a backup before installing the mod, otherwise you might have to redownload the whole game again

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But I have gtx 1050.... The hole game uses 1gb aprx graphics only... So I don't think the graphics is the main problem.. Do u have any solution.. Mate

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Don't look at the resource usage, in many games (especially GTA IV) that value is very approximate and inaccurate. The GTX 1050 is a medium-low card, so if you're playing GTA IV in 1080p it's already a good result if you're able to run the vanilla version at a decent framerate. My advice is to roll back to the vanilla version, or, if you want a little graphic improvement with practically no losses in terms of FPS, try VisualIV (http://gtaforums.com/topic/415952-visualiv/).

VisualIV must be installed on a fresh copy of the game, so you'll have to redownload the whole game again.

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