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The Battle Never Ends


3 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your favorite character?

    • Kyle
    • Peter
    • Uncle Thomas
    • Tyler Franks
  2. 2. In the upcoming missions, I will add some disasters. Which one do you want?

    • Earthquake
    • Nuclear Meltdown (accident)
    • Riot
    • Building Collapse
    • Your choice
    • Random

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The Battle Never Ends









Another logo: D5IcxfL


And another logo made by floof, but pureevil101 made it transparent: 232.png



Kyle, a man full of crime. His soul represents the serial killers. But his best friend Frank has a knowledge too, Kyle in the later years has learned a lot of things from him. Now it's time to Kyle to push towards back to Los Santos, sent by the unknown corrupt cop to Angel Pine, now Kyle has to take himself back to Los Santos and pass two major cities, San Fierro and Las Venturas. When in San Fierro, the local elections will be hold there. Kyle and his crew are gonna kidnap the mayor of San Fierro, Tyler Franks.


The story gets updated when playing the future missions.

















Kyle, the protagonist of The Battle Never Ends. A man full of crime, heartless person. He has a best friend Frank.













The antagonist of the The Battle Never Ends series. A best friend of Kyle, a hacker. He's a good person but he has also a dark side.











The second antagonist of the The Battle Never Ends series. A good man but he has a gun shop in Angel Pine. His name is Peter.












This guy is also a good man but sometimes aggressive. His name is Uncle Thomas, but some people often call him Thomas.












The mayor of San Fierro, won the local elections. His name is Tyler Franks.



The more of the missions go, the more characters appear.






The Battle Never Ends - Intro

The Battle Never Ends - A boxing match

The Battle Never Ends - One explosion to another

The Battle Never Ends - Political issues

The Battle Never Ends - Political issues (2)








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Good luck on that man :D

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