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Need help with this mod (for OIV creation)

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I'd like to change the installation procedure of this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/real-vehicle-names-for-mega-realistic-car-pack-3-2#description_tab into OpenIV Package Manager (i use the one made by KR4N3N64).

Basically, my mod replaces several vehicles.meta/global.gxt2 files by changing certain lines, in order to make "all 54 vehicle variants (Boxville2, Schafter2, Tornado4 etc) appear with their real, specific "on-screen" name, instead of the default one" as written in mod's description. E.g. for Tornado 2nd version i made these changes:

In VEHICLES.META i modified only <gamename> values, like this:

<gameName>TORNADO</gameName> --> changed to TORNADO2


- remove/replace TORNADO = Tornado <<< WITH >>> TORNADO = Chevrolet Bel Air SS Hardtop

- add line TORNADO2 = Chevrolet Bel Air SS Convertible

And so on...

In few words, i need the mod to apply changes directly into the original files instead of replacing them with custom ones, in order to avoid conflicts with other mods that manage the same files (like World of Variety, RDE and many others).


I've spent some time trying to edit command parameters correctly into assembly.xml but with no results. At this point i don't even know if it's possible to do that since i'm no expert at all, especially with coding...


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OpenIV Team

You can use XML commands to modify XML files. But there is no commands for editing gxt2 files.

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I used the following as example:
<xml path="common\data\handling.meta">    <replace xpath='/CHandlingDataMgr/HandlingData/Item[@type=CHandlingData]/handlingName[.=BUFFALO]/../fMass'>        <fMass value="999999.000"/>    </replace></xml>
and tried to adapt it for vehicles.meta xml parameters (as in the first post)...but i get the same incompatibility error when i try to load the package project into OIV manager.
1ST ATTEMPT<archive path="update\update.rpf" createIfNotExist="True" type="RPF7">  <xml path="common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta">    <replace xpath='/CVehicleModelInfo__InitDataList/InitDatas/Item/modelName[.=TORNADO2]/../gameName'>    <gameName="TORNADO2"/>    </replace>  </xml></archive>2ND ATTEMPT<archive path="update\update.rpf" createIfNotExist="True" type="RPF7">  <xml path="common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta">    <replace xpath='/CVehicleModelInfo__InitDataList/InitDatas/Item/modelName[.=TORNADO2]/txdName[.=TORNADO2]/handlingId[.=TORNADO]/gameName'>    <gameName="TORNADO2"/>    </replace>  </xml></archive>

Where am i doing wrong?


P.S. Please explain me what "/../" and "Item[10]" are for:

- /../ means that i have to add a new subpath for each line that precedes the one to be modified?
- Item[10]: the number between [] correspond to the item (progressive) number after "*/path/" value?


Edit: still trying various "combinations" to find the right syntax... like Item[205] or @qv=['TORNADO2' or "TORNADO2"] etc.

now i can load/build the OIV package but when i try to install it, i always get the following error "Unable to find XML Node with xpath ..." :facedesk:

Edited by Yoda4P

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OpenIV Team

Try this xpath:


The "/../" expression means select parent element.


Also, you can use online tools like this https://www.freeformatter.com/xpath-tester.htmlto test your xpath.

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OIV manager converts the double "" into [.=TORNADO2] when saving, but i think it's normal...anyways OIV installation works and vehicles.meta is modified correctly into the right section...now i've got to add commands for other vehicles and do some in-game tests.


Thank you!!! :^::)

Edited by Yoda4P

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