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Would you like to see "Vespucci Job" with customizable setting?


Would you like to see "Vespucci Job" with customizable setting?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like to see "Vespucci Job" with customizable setting?

    • Yes, sounds awesome.
    • Yes, but... (explain)
    • No. One setting is enough.

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Hey there.

I think Vespucci Job is one of the best adversary modes Rockstar created in a while.

The only thing bugging me about it is , there isnt more of them.


One could easily make a lot more out of the Vespucci Job:


1.Merryweather Mesa VS. BF Bifta

2.Schafter (Mafia) VS. Panto

3. Any tiny car VS. different Police Cruisers (obviously the handling of the Ford Taurus based Police Car is weird)

4.Rhapsody VS. Sabre Turbo (Hillbillys)

5.Blista Compact VS. Kuruma (Triads)

6. Compact Class VS. anything not OP (Sedans, Muscle Cars, SUVs, Coupes) to choose any car from these classes



What do you say ?

Edited by Driver92
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Yes but,


As vehicle classes are severely messed up, Rockstar would have to chose wisely what vehicles to use. Your first example being the MW Mesa vs the Bifta is a no-no as they are pretty much on par. So it would pretty much turn into a cat and dog. Just my thought, but I'm pretty sure they plan on adding more vehicles in the future as the Class option is in the Lobby menu :)

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There needs to be an Ellie V's Cop cars.

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The 3 that chase the guy that tries to get to all checkpoints still should be from the law enforcement.


3 FIB Buffalo's hunting a Panto

3 FIB Granger's hunting a Rhapsody

3 Police Bikes hunting a Lectro (Only melee attacks and ramming)

3 Police Transporters hunting a Gang Burrito

3 Sheriff Granger's hunting a Trophy Truck

3 Unmarked Cruiser's hunting a Ellie

3 Police Cruiser's (Buffalo) hunting a Elegy RH8



Yeah I would like that. I like AM without the use of firearms and explosives.

Edited by Mexicola9302
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Cutter De Blanc

No "f*ck adversary modes" option so I didn't vote.

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Any sport car VS blue Sultans.


Comet Safari VS Duneloader.

Edited by Sanches
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