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Yusuf Amir Vs Devin Weston

Alexy Nex

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Im Talking About Who is more wealthy betwen those two billionaires there is yusuf amir in liberty city gta TBOGT then Devin Weston In Gta V. and sorry for my bad english

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Yusuf is defenetly more wealthy: a gold phone, a golden car, a golden helicopter, many other vehicles, a gold replica of Liberty City, gold everywhere in his penthouse, etc, not to mention his skyscrapers, properties and businesses around the world.

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They're both wealthy in different ways. Yusuf has more non-liquid assets like real estate, gold -insert whatever here-, etc. whereas Devin's wealth comes from liquid assets like stocks, etc. so it's tied for me.

Edited by universetwisters
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Well Yusuf of course

A dead corpse ain't worth much

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Algonquin Assassin

Weston always struck me as a businessman. He never really flaunted his wealth with material possessions like Yusuf.

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GTA Plus Enjoyer

Yusuf's got golden stuff, from a simple golden phone to a golden military attack helicopter. He's also got many businesses and buildings around the world.


Devin on the other hand also has a pretty luxurious life. A nice mansion in Los Santos, 10% share in Merrywether, he knows lots of super stars (such as Solomon Richards), etc.


They's both rich, but tbh I think Yusuf is way richer.


Devin rarely paid the protagonist(s) for the work they have done for him, while Yusuf doesn't mind paying. He even lets Luis drive his golden luxury car, use the golden UZI, golden Buzzard, etc. etc.

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I think Yusuf's father Abdul is wealthier than him

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Devin Weston is a cunning businessman while Yusuf is more like a spoiled brat. But I think Yusuf's father got more money than Devin which makes Yusuf richer than Devin. So, I gotta go with Yusuf.

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Lemme tell you guys that in devin weston website its telling that he got a net worth of 12 billion dollars

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Lemoyne outlaw

i think devin probably is. sure yusuf has all those toys. and gold stuff. but im sure if he wanted to devin could have all that stuff too. plus i remember that in a mission. he said his father should give him a couple billion. which makes me think he probably does not even have a billion. or if he did he spent it all.

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  • 2 months later...

Isn't it Yusuf's dad who has the real money? It probably goes Abdul Amir > Devin Weston > Yusuf Amir

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Is Abdul Amir own a private army level rich? Not trying for a gotcha or anything, just curious but we don't know much beyond that he's the real source of money for Yusuf. Also Devin doesn't exactly own Merrywether but was a major shareholder but still to be so rich as to have a private army at your command is quite impressive. 


I wonder who the richest GTA character is so far, would it be between these two? Possibly Avon Hertz from Online? Not counting protagonists glitching their way to becoming billionaires of course, though does the Online protagonist have a shout cause idk about them.

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Yusuf shows up his wealth directly to us with golden gun, golden cars, luxury penthouse, etc. But Devin, for most of the times, only brags about how rich he is :kekw:, we never seen his wealth apart from his mansion and Lester's intel.


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