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Zolika1351's SA Trainer/Mod Menu

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This is a type of trainer that hasn't been made before for 3D era games (at least not to my knowledge), very similar to a typical trainer for GTA IV, but with many more features, such as editing handling and weapons in real time, triggering gang wars, executing any opcodes you want, etc.


F7 - open/close menu

Num5 - enter menu

Num0 - exit menu

Num2/8 - scroll



RCTRL + Num1 - Fix Car

RCTRL + Num2 - Flip Car

RCTRL + Num3 - Clean Car

RCTRL + F2 - Toggle Special Godmode

Semicolon - Infinite Ammo

0 - Always Godmode

Apostrophe - Move forward through door

Square bracket left - Never Wanted

Square bracket right - Car Speedup

Backslash - Car Superbrake

F6 - Airbreak


Download old version (20.0 pre-rewrite)












Edited by Zolika1351
Added version rewrite 1.7
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This is cool, do you plan to release the source code?

Sorry but no, if you saw the source code you would instantly throw up because of how bad it looks and you most likely wouldn't be able to understand much either, I use a ton of custom functions and it would take a long time to understand what anything is or does

Edited by Zolika1351
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Released v2, now with clothes menu and weapons menu, along with weapon skill changer and actual teleports


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Released v3, fixed Cars Never Locked not working, added the Time & Weather menu, added a lot of new options to Vehicle Spawning, and added a Collision toggle hotkey (which freezes the player for some reason)




EDIT: Released v4, now with Trainer Settings menu


Edited by Zolika1351
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5.0 Released, changelog:

Removed R keybind
Added keybinds toggle
Added Middle Mouse Fly toggle
Added Object Spawning
Added Missions menu
Added Num4 and Num6 for quick scroll in some menus
Added Infinite Ammo hotkey


Also, new video:


Edited by Zolika1351
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very nice trainer you did
works great
but I've noticed one crash
if you do not create an object, you have to press delete all object, crash game
make a security

you should write the trainer in language lua, so that games will not be freeze
read about the language of lua
this gta san andreas

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Released 6.0, changelog:

Changed Special Godmode key to RCTRL + F2
Added Ped Spawning
Added IPL menus
Added Player Stats menu
Added Populated car spawning
Added FLA compatibility
Added Recruitable option to Ped Spawning
Added Ped Weapons menu

Added Traffic density options


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Since I had this ready about 5 days ago, I have no idea what the exact changelog is, but I do know that I added car/player/ped input menus.


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Released v8.0
Removed backspace hotkey
Added safety check to custom car/player/ped
Added Mega Sprint and Super Mega Sprint options
Added Set Weapon Type menu
Added Story Cars menu
Added names for all missions in the Missions menu



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Released v9.0
Added Car Recording option
Added f*ck Car Completely option
Added Car Traction toggle (currently only for AI controlled cars)
Added Never Tired option
Added Triggerbot option (disabled for SAMP)
Added Delete all World objects option
Added Move map by Z+100 option
Added Delete all Static Objects option
Added Wallhack option (disabled for SAMP)

Added Kill/Explode menu (kill certain types of peds like cops or Ballas)

Added .ini (currently only for car recordings load/save)





Edited by Zolika1351
Added car recording video
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Released v10.0
Added Bouncy Cars option for traffic
Added Bouncy Car option for player's car
Added No Reload option
Added Load Special Characters menu
Added Carcols Entries menu
Added objects.ini save/load
Deleting objects will no longer sometimes result in "can't be deleted, hid instead" message



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On 6/8/2018 at 10:57 AM, GroveStGTAV said:

Can you add teleport locations for all collectibles?

Done, released v10.5 with horseshoe, snapshot and oyster teleports, and changable open/close key


Edited by Zolika1351
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Great job bro!


it would be good if you improve spawn peds with guns and add spawn peds with cars

Edited by m7md22
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On 5/17/2018 at 5:37 PM, Zolika1351 said:

Controls are the usual F7 and numpad, airbreak on F6 and OEM keys are the hotkeys (and 0 for always god and RCTRL+F1 for special god)
Middle mouse and movement keys to fly around


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6 hours ago, justin50 said:

pressing F7 does nothing. I tried pressing every button on the keyboard still nothing

Try RCtrl + F7 (or Fn + F7 if you have)

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