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Revisited Missions Wishlist

Ray Carter

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Ray Carter

I figured this would be an interesting and popular topic to discuss and hadn't found any specific wish lists aimed at missions. I wanted to hear if there was any missions you'd like to see repeated in the next GTA game that was featured in a previous GTA game, preferably from the 3D era. A good example might be how Minor Turbulence resembled Stowaway from GTA San Andreas.


I've heard a popular wish for the next GTA has been destructible environments like being able to destroy buildings. Well, one mission I'd like to see is a remake of Demolition Man in which the protagonist has to plant bombs and destroy a skyscraper. However, It shouldn't resemble terrorism such as killing hundreds of people inside the building, but rather something similar to Demolition Man in which a recently completed building which is still vacant must be broken into so you can place bombs in strategic locations in order to bring down the building in a controlled way. I'd settle for any mission really that ends with an area of the Map being changed. Even something similar to Bomb Da Base in which you sink a Cargo Ship.

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Algonquin Assassin

I'd love to see a mission similar to Final Interview where we have to set up a meeting with an unsuspecting target or Call & Collect. I loved the Hitman esque vibe of both of those missions and Flatline.

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My favorite gta 3 mission all time is the one where you steal the car, take it to 8 balls shop to put a bomb on it then bringing it back and watching the show. Something similar to that would be cool imo).


Another thing I'd like to see if the next game is set in vice city is a small easter egg. Not really a recreation of a mission but it would involve you dressing up like chef and going after 2 guys in a alley that are dressed similar to Tommy and Lance. They get in a White Infernus and you chase them down to get info on someone's whereabouts before killing them.

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Oh, gosh, so many. All of them, but one, from SA:


- In the Beginning (where CJ cycles to Grove) - it is a very nice, relaxed way of getting to know the game and neighbourhood. You slowly cycle through the city admiring the sights and the beautiful orange dawn.

- Follow the damn train. I think this meme is so strong, that there should be a reference to it (yes, I know 5 has a reference to it. EVERY GTA should make a reference to this damn train).

- Stealing weapons for Ryder - all of the missions, where you had to throw boxes out of the van or off the train or sneak into the guy's house. It was something very unusual yet simple to do - in general, I love the missions where you are driven. SA had a lot of these, including the End of the Line.

- The Green Sabre. Don't care that much about the mission itself, but I loved how the CRASH take you into the countryside and strip you of your weapons. It's a powerful move from the game designers - essentially, you're in a completely different game for a while until you learn the map better.

- Loved the cross-country chases.

- Truth's wacky missions and Toreno's confidence and kindness were great elements. Without referring to any mission in particular, the characters were great. Toreno's inspiring phone calls are gems.

- Flight School was super annoying, but very rewarding and pleasurable, I have to admit.

- SA's casino height mission and preparation was very nicely designed. So many different preparation missions (parachuting onto a dam was cool), and things like tear gas and Berkeley interfering added athmosphere and suspense


- GTA 5's Minor Turbulence was a very nice mission - you get to chase a plane cross country on a bike, how is that not awesome?


Actually, looking at what I said - I don't really want any missions to be re-created. I want the writers to do something fresh and of a nice quality, like we used to get with every older GTA - the sense of sensation, that feel of a new living city, new abilities and features (all non-compulsory). Sadly, this is something that is missing from the new GTAs. The writing became sloppy, stories considerably more boring and the characters poorly designed.


I mean that guy you kill in GTA 5 (Dave, isn't he?) - he's just an annoying twat that hates you. Toreno has charisma, he has a reason in life, he cleverly manipulates CJ. Ryder is a sherm head busta - Lamar is just a filler who has no personality. Make TA Grand again!

Edited by Lioshenka
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I'd love to see a missions similar to Flatline, Truck Hustle, Just Business and Walk in the Park.

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One underrated mission (IMO) I would like to be seen recreated is Reuniting the Families.

I just love the mission to bits.

The great dialogue in the car, the big shootout with the SWAT at the motel, the helicopter "boss" fight, the police chase, the feeling you are just hanging from the back of the car, the absolute thrill of the chase, the crazy scene in which the cop gets minced, the nice subtle sex joke and the great feeling that you saved yourself, your homies and, of course, your hood.

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I don't even like f*cking heroin!


Edited by SonnyNapoli
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