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Will the JB 7OO ever make use of its weapons?

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Aston Martins are a personal favourite of mine, so this issue piques my interest (enough to create an account just to add my two cents). I can't help but feel a bit cheated when they give cars like the Viseris, Savestra and Comet Safari working guns when I can't find any reason for it. Not to mention the fact that it's not enough that the Deluxo can fly and hover. No, they need to give it some of the best missiles in the game and machine guns as a cherry on top. If anyone else can find some pop culture reference that might justify adding weapons to these vehicles please inform me.


As it stands, the prop guns on the existing JB700 are little more than an eyesore. I agree that they should either be removed, or made functional. The latter option would be much more preferable as it would make this icon of a vehicle more relevant in GTA Online's current meta.

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This issue is extremely annoying. Now that we have got several civilian vehicles with gun attachments, they have no excuse not to A) make the guns usable, but more importantly, B) MAKE THEM HECKIN' OPTIONAL YOU BUCKETHEADS! Such a nice looking vehicle yet it has to suffer from those impotent metal sticks...

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^ Completely agree and would buy it in a heart beat if they made the guns work. Would switch to my male character and role-play as 007 :D

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