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game crashing after editing DLC.rpf


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i recently came up on this issue that, my gta v for pc is crashing whenever i install mods like batman vehicles pack addon and captain america shield script.The scripts work fine when i add dlcs for mods BUT as soon as i add a line in dlc.rpf the game crashes on loading.

NOTE: But this issue does not come up when i use addon peds mod

links to mods:" https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/batman-vehicles-add-on-pack-894e21f9-8849-4522-ba65-676be935db41 "

" https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/captain-america-shield-throwing-mod "




PLs help

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When you install mods, you have to do more than hit download and just install them. It clearly says in the description of that Batman pack "In case of game crashes, use this gameconfig" and then links to that gameconfig... TWICE.




These questions usually get ignored, because the information is already provided and it just forces other people to do what you should have done yourself.

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but it doesnt work with captain america script. As soon as i edit dlc.rpf again it crashes

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Did you notice the comments page of that shield mod?


Lots of people are having the same crashing problem which means something has probably changed that has made the mod break. All you can do is ask the mod author to update that mod but given the lack of response to the comments, I'm not sure how much good it will do... the mod hasn't been updated in over 18 months and the pinned comment is over 12 months old.


It might just be one of those mods that you just can't use now... these things happen when mods get abandoned.

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