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Transferring saves and starter saves from my PC to Ps2


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hello i just wanted to know is there an adapter or something available so that i can transfer my GTA SA save files from PS2

64 MB memory card to my PC


From where can i purchase it online



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Yes, but I am unaware of any easy answers. I use AR-Max to transfer saves between a PS2 memory card and a usb flash drive. I would not recommend it. It's an awkward process that's hard to use. But more importantly, the software is out of print and it's really hard to tell if what you find is the version that can manage usb, and even harder to find a usb drive that is old and small enough that it works with AR-Max. Figure 256MB or smaller - and then only some.


Codebreaker was a more robust "cheat device" software competitor that stuck with it a little longer and is reported to be much more flexible with it's usb support. It was always a bit more expensive and even more so now that it's hard to get. Be aware when pricing that most of the offers are way over priced.


I think the modern solution is to find someplace that'll sell you a PS2 memory card with some sort of boot loader that can run network software for transferring files.


I suggest conducting a new search for a solution on forums dedicated to PS2 emulators. These groups tend to have the most modern tools available. My information is several years out of date.


Be aware that a PS2 save file is not compatible with the PC version. With a huge amount of effort you can force it to run on PC by frankensteining a few saves together and running it with PS2 scripts, but there's still a lot of hard coded text and dialog boxes that use incompatible keys so it never does work right.


However, I've got custom save tools that can manage nearly any version of SA save, so if you want to hack away at your ps2 save with the best tools available before putting it back to PS2 to play there are a lot of interesting things you can mod in just the save.

Edited by OrionSR
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I know that Ps2 saves do not work on PC

I need it to transfer Ps2 100% saves and starter saves from my PC to Ps2


Can someone suggest a utility

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