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Gang Hideouts

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Posted (edited)



There i will make a mission pack called as gang hideouts - It will just like gang wars but you will need to defeat your enemy gangs in certain area's. It is also a Gang Hideout adaption from Red Dead Redemption and GTA V's Gang Hideout mod(https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gang-hideouts-build-a-mission) for San Andreas. There will be 8 gang hideout missions in this pack and if possible, more will come. Each time starting playing a gang hideout, you will always having your pistol as your starter weapon with some vehicles for you start location for you to driving so you can saving your time to find a vehicle. If you plays a gang hideout in Los Santos, you will starts at Grove Street.If you plays a gang hideout in San Fierro, you will starts in Doherty Garage.If you plays a gang hideout in Las Venturas, you will starts in Triads Casino.If you plays a gang hideout in countryside, you will starts in Angel Pine safehouse.If you plays a gang hideout in Desert, you begans in Toreno's Ranch. Gang Hideouts not only having objective to defeat your gangs, can sometimes having extra objectives like:

-Rescue your gang nember
-Kill the gang reinforcements which will arrive after you killing all gangs in their hideout
-Destroy their weapon vehicle


First Gang hideout mission pack is finished now! download it here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/53436

Note: why i didn't making hideouts for Grove Street and Triads? Because they're your respectful allies and very friendly with player so if i making gang hideouts for them, it would making no sense for all


Second gang hideout, i may finish this with another 8 hideouts like the first one and it will includes Big Smoke's Crack Palace as the last and hardest hideout to clear, as there will be a lot of enemies here, includes the boss Big Smoke.


Another note: Another note, if you found the bugs. Contact me and i will going to fixing the bugs

Edited by GodzillaGTAGamer

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