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Landon Ricketts & Undead Nightmare II (DLC Ideas)


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For Red Dead Redemption II I'd like to see a Landon Ricketts DLC Where we get to play as him and see how he became a gunslinger. Also Do Missions and Side Missions as him and see what happened after the Blackwater Massacre.


▪I'd also Love to see some New Guns, Chotling, Horse Breeds Added In This Pack Such as Revolvers, More Strong Horses, New Coats, Hats, Boots, Weapon Skins etc.





For Undead Nightmare II I'd like to see John And Arthur to Carry This Story. Like U.N I Did in RDR I, This story would be in an Alternative universe too.


▪Also Building a Settlement in an apocalypse would be awesome since you're not running from lawmen in a situtation like this. Also Customizing It Would Be Awesome, Wooden Houses, Armory, Walls, Gatling Guns, Gates. But Arthur and Has to Find Certain Elements For Them.


▪Torch Blunderbuss Return,Undead Bait,Boom Bait,Holy Water Returns From RDR I A Bunch Melee Weapons Since Every bullet counts.


▪Saving Towns, Helping Them Build Walls, Supplying Them Ammunition. Trading With Them (Foods For Ammunition etc.)


▪The Four Horses Of The Apocalypse Returning From RDR I.


▪Bunch Of Outfits, Legend Of The Undead, Undead Army, Union Suit etc.


▪The Chupacabra's Returns.


▪The Sasquatch Family Returns.


For Red Dead Online


▪PS3 Transfer System So We can Carry Over Our Red Dead Redemption I Multiplayer Progress.


▪Creating Our Own Characters, Or Choosing Pre-Made (Story, Gang, Lawmen, Legendary, DLC) Characters like We did in the last game.


▪Old Characters Return, Red Harlow, Jack Swift, Buffalo, Pig Josh etc.


▪The Character Skins From Previous Multiplayer, Irish, Professor, Nastas, Reyes, Colonel Allende, Female Outlaws..


▪Different Skins For Dutch, John, Javier Escuella, Bill Williamson. For Example, John's Several Outfits From The First Game, Dutch and the Others appearence.


▪Map Expansion, Mexico And Full Of America Along With Blackwater, Cochinay, Armadillo, Thieves' Landing, Escalera, Nuevo Paraiso..


▪No More Microtransactions.


▪Buying,Running a Farm, for Earning and Spending Money. (Also For a Storage For Your Horses.)


▪Buying New Collection Of Breeds. Customizing Your Horses. Birth Mark, Hair Only. (Color Represents The Breed.)


▪New Various Holdsters For Our Characters And Horses. So we can carry more weapons, And Even heavier weapons.


▪Buying New Stagecoaches and Customizing Them With Gatling Guns, New Seats, Liveries, Colors, Armors, Armories.


That's all the Ideas I got For Online And DLCs For Red Dead Redemption II. If You guys have any Suggestions Write them down below.

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Hello. Ideas belong in the Wishlist thread: http://gtaforums.com/topic/858696-red-dead-wishlist/

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