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RDR2 Weapons List

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I was thinking based on the trailers and screen shots, we could try to compile a list of all the weapons we've seen thus far.




Cattleman Revolver (Colt 1873 SAA)



Schofield (Smith & Wesson No.3)aT2EkeE.jpg


Double Action Revolver (Colt 1892)





Repeater Carbine (Spencer 1865)



Henry Repeater (Golden Boy)




Bolt Action Rifle (1892 Krag-Jørgensen Rifle)



Carcano Rifle





Double Barrel Shotgun



Coach Gun (possibly a custom variant of the double barrel shotgun with a shorter barrel length)



Sawn-off Shotgun (possibly a custom double barrel shotgun with a shorter barrel still, and stock removed)



Pump Action Shotgun (Winchester 1897)




...and of course there will be a knife and a bow.




Have I missed anything or made any mistakes?


What other weapons do you think will make an appearance in the game?

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Lasso if you want to count that.

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The picture of the double barrel shotgun in the man's arm also looks quite like the buffalo rifle from RDR. That's what I thought it was at first but I think you might be right.

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There's also the Volcanic Pistol From The Screenshots too. I Saw Arthur Holding it.

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It's  1899.  So  Maxim   Machine Gun and  a  Mauser-type  semiautomatic pistol needs  to  be  in  the  game.  But  I  son't  this  High  Power  and  Fully  automatic German  pistol  will  be  in  there,  however.  

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This is most interesting topic for me since I enjoy firearms and learning more about them. I really hope that we get large selection of firearms, at least 10-12 handguns. Besides these three we already know are in the game, I expect to see Remington 1875, Le Mat, Volcanic and at least some type of Derringer.  As for semi automatic pistols, I really don't see many of them at least prior to 1899. Mauser C96 and FN M1900 developed by John  Browning. However,  they were smaller caliber so they should deal less damage in game. Random malfunctions would be interesting as well.


There are so many interesting firearms from that era that it is hard for Rockstar to include everything but I hope they do include as many as they can.


For those interested more in weapons from this era, a lot can be learn on Youtube channel Forgotten Weapons.

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We have a larger Weapons & Items thread you can post in if you want to talk about weapons :santa:



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