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GTA Fanfic thread


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GTA Plus Enjoyer

Protagonist 1 - Dejan + prologue

Year is 1965; in a small poor family from Croatia there was a new member born, they named him Dejan.

Dejan's dad was killed in 1980 because he was falsely accused of murdering the Yugoslavia's leader, Tito.

In 1991, when the war between Croatia and Serbia started, Dejan was forced to join the Yugoslav National Army that was on Serbia's side.


Dejan didn't want to fight against his own homeland, so he ran and escaped from Yugoslavia.


Dejan ended up in Russia, where he got on a small boat, and was smuggled to the United States, Vice City to be exact. Dejan lived a decent life in VC, he was renting an apartment and met a friend named Nick(2nd protagonist) who found him a job as a construction worker.


In 1995, when the war has ended, Dejan's commander in the YNA, Goran, contacted Dejan, informing him how his move in the war (escaping) will cost him a lot. After a few days, Dejan's best friend, Dragan, called Dejan, and told him bad news - his mother was murdered and her body was dismembered.

Dejan knew that the murderer was Goran. He begged for Dragan to come to Vice City, where they would plan the revenge.



Protagonist #2 - Dragan:

Born in 1967, in a pretty wealthy family. Dragan, unlike his family, was very serious when it comes to money. He was always worried how his family was spending too much cash, and that they would run out of it.


Dragan met Dejan in the war, but instead of running off, Dragan stayed in the war, but fought on the Croatian side.

In the war, Dragan's whole family was killed by the Yugoslav National Army, by the infantry that was led by Goran.

Dragan knew Goran, and he hated him. He knew Goran was corrupt, and that he would keep hanging around every family that was rich. He knew Goran smuggled drugs into and out of the country. Dragan's dead family's money was stolen by Goran and his infantry.


In 1995, Dragan moved to Vice City to help Dejan get his revenge on Goran.



Protagonist #3 - Nick:

The oldest of the trio, Nick was born in 1960. His family had a decent life in Vice City, until Nick's brother died. His parents blamed each other for his death, until Nick's dad killed his mom. Nick's dad then ran off, and it wasn't heard from him very soon.

Nick's flashbacks from the scene of his mother's throat being slit open cause him to have some agressive outbursts at times.



Nick was adopted by another family when he was 6. In that family, his step-parents got divorced. Nick stayed with his dad, who turned out to be a criminal that cooked meth and smuggled cocaine into Vice City.

When Nick turned 20, his step-dad was arrested, and all the drugs were consfiscated by the VCPD.


Nick still knew about the hidden stash where his dad kept cocaine hidden. He took some, and started selling it. He earned around 15,000$ in a week, so he continued doing his job.


In 1983, he worked for a man called Ricardo Diaz (one from GTA:VC). He was working as the middleman. In 1986, he got a special job from Diaz. He was supposted to ambush another deal, with some of Diaz' men. The ambush went well, and Diaz' men stole around 2-3 million dollars, as well as lots of cocaine.

Nick was paid 500,000$ from the job, and he decided to work on his own after the ambush.


Nick got a call in 1988 by Goran, where Goran wanted Nick to get 50 kilograms of cocaine. Nick worked hard for a month, kept buying cocaine, hiding it, etc.

After a month, Nick met Goran face-to-face. When they met, Goran's men jumped out and Nick was shot in the chest.


After 4 years in a coma, Nick was brought back, after almost dying. Nick's valuables were all stolen, his house was sold for unpaid fees, etc.


Nick started living a normal life. In 1994, he met Dejan, and they both got jobs as construction workers in Vice City. They lived as tenants in apartments next to each other.


In 1995, after Dejan's mother was killed, and Dragan moved to Vice City, Nick decided to join them in order to kill Goran, and hopefully re-claim back his valuables he lost.



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