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GTA Next Protagonist Ideas & Development

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GTA Plus Enjoyer

Post your ideas for the next GTA protagonist. After that you can also develop a story for him.




Full name:

DOB(Date Of Birth):


Lives in:

Profession(his job/what he used to do/what he wants to do):

Special(e.g. good shooter, good driver, etc.):

Special ability(similar to ones from GTA V):


Financial status(e.g. rich, poor, humble, etc.):

Social status(e.g. lots of friends, family, etc.):

Images(this is a huge bonus):



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seeing as this forum won't let me copy and paste anything, or even post images...


i'll keep my ideas simple.


2 protagonists.


first, male, early 30s, somebody that is already firmly stood in the underground world, not quite a kingpin, but not a newbie to crime either (like franklin)


second, female, mid 20s, from a broken home, into petty crime looking for a bigger earner, maybe looking for avengence from the underground world taking her father

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GTA Plus Enjoyer
Full name: Nick (Nicholas) Collins

DOB(Date Of Birth): 15/APR/1995

Born(city/country): Vice City, USA

Lives in: Vice City, USA

Profession(his job/what he used to do/what he wants to do): Wants to be a computer programmer.

Special(e.g. good shooter, good driver, etc.): Good knowlege of computer programming, fast thinking.

Special ability(similar to ones from GTA V): Double Damage


Nicholas Collins was born in Vice City, and still lives there to this day. As a child, he was abused by his father, but his mother loved him. One day, when he was six years old, Nicholas was grounded, and wasn't allowed to go outside. Nick's mother decided to have mercy on him, and let him go outside, hoping that Nick's father won't see him. Nick's father saw him, and got in a big fight with his mother. The fight ended up with the couple actually fighting, until Nick's father took a knife and stabbed Nick's mother in front of Nick's eyes. Nick's father was proven to be innocent, since he was defending himself. Nick and his father's relationship wasn't good at all. They kept fighting, and their fights would be bigger every day.

When Nick turned 18, his father kicked him out on his birthday. Nick wanted to get revenge for his mother, and decided to kill his own father. He bought a pistol from a local gang member, broke into his dad's house and unloaded a full magazine into him. Nick hid the murder, the evidence, and decided to lay low for a while.

Nick was staying at his friend's place, whose dad was a programmer. Nick was interested in programming, and learned some of it from his friend's dad. At the age of 21, Nick started taking classes for programming, and it turned out he had the talent for it.

At the age of 22, Nick has done his first robbery. Over the internet, he managed to hack a random pedestrian's bank account, and transferred 10,000$ to his own account. Unfortunately though, it has been found out that Nick was the robber, and he ended up in prison for a year.

In prison, the warden has found out about Nick's talent, and decided to give him an offer. The prison's cameras have been shutdown from an outside source, and there was a possible prison break planned. Nick managed to program the cameras to work again, thus stopping a potential prison break, and plus he found out who shut down the cameras in the first place. As a reward, Nick was let home after 4 months.

In the following 7 months, Nick managed to join a small group of newbies that are trying to get to the top. Unfortunately, all the crew members have died, except for two. Nick, and one other crew member. Him and Nick were doing some small robberies, such as kiosks and local grocery stores. But Nick needs and wants more.

He wants to get enough cash to buy his own apartment, furniture, etc. He wants to become a computer programmer and live a normal life, but his actions keep getting him away from his goal.

Financial status(e.g. rich, poor, humble, etc.): Poor.

Social status(e.g. lots of friends, family, etc.): Used to have a family, has one friend.

Images(this is a huge bonus):



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Male and female character. This idea stems from another idea where GTA 6 could be set in multiple cities across the U.S. Both characters have their own separate story archs in separate, opposite parts of the U.S., and would eventually cross paths in the game’s main story.

Female character:

  • She’s the trigger happy getaway driver to her circle of audacious of risk-taking shooter, criminal friends who have the goal of being able to look down on everybody in the city if and when they become wealthy. However, she feels she wants connections that can personally get her towards that goal faster.
  • Latina
  • Mid 20’s
  • Lives in middle class neighborhood by herself in either of the three cities across the country from the other character.

These pictures represent what her style would be.





Male character:

  • He’s a charismatic guy who often steals from, and kills whoever his organized crime thinks is necessary. On the other side, he’s a well known in TV, has been in magazines, is model-status, a ladies man, and has many friends. He’s conflicted with whether he wants to leave his high profile life for a life of crime, or if he wants to soak in what was easily handed to him.
  • White
  • Late 20’s.
  • Lives in a condo in either of the three cities.

These pictures represent what his style would be.





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Name: John Earnhardt Schumacher (A combination of Indycar Driver John Goodyear, Nascar Champion Dale Earnhardt, and F1 world champion Michael Schumacher)


Most people take life seriously. Traumatic pasts, family drama, the whole nine yards. Most people want to get out of the criminal life as soon as they get into it. Most people wouldn't do this crazy sh*t for fun. But John isn't like most people. John is fearless, crazy, and reckless. A man straight out of a 70's movie, he likes fast cars, fast chicks, fast guns, and fast chases. He laughs at danger. He loves every minute of his reckless lifestyle.


I thought of him because I'm a bit sick of "Please take me seriously" protagonists. I mean, Nico was fair enough, his story at least complimented him, if not the wacky antics of GTA. But come on, GTA V wanted me to take all 3 guys seriously. And I just really couldn't. Trevor wanted me to take his abandonment issues seriously even though he's a friggin' cannibal canadian redneck meth dealer who takes on entire gangs single handedly. It was obvious to me that Michael enjoys chaos or the feeling of getting away with a heist, but he never figured that out about himself, so he ends up in the same place he was at in the beginning of the story. Lots of money, big house, but this time slightly less family drama. Maybe. I don't know, seems like in about 9 more years they'll be back to the same sh*t. And franklin, what can I say? Guy gets a mansion early on in the story and says he's tired of stealing cars and that he's in the same place he was even though he's robbing sports cars from rich kids now instead of robbing hood rats, AND he has a f*ckin' mansion which apparently still doesn't make him happy, which I guess was the game making some half assed point, but I don't really care, I should feel like I improved the protagonist's life at least somewhat by the end of the game, and these guys just remained miserable f*cks.


Therefore, John Earnhardt Schumacher, the risk taking happy go lucky crazy ass motherf*cker who runs from the police for kicks and blows stuff up because explosions are awesome. Yeah, he's not particularly deep, but f*ck it. Maybe the story would teach him to plan a bit more before jumping right into something, I don't know, I just don't want overdramatic sadsacks anymore. You can have serious drama without characters being angry at each other and at themselves and sad all the time.

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  • 7 months later...

Full name: Ching Chang Chong 

DOB(Date Of Birth): 4/20/1969

Born(city/country): China

Lives in: China 

Profession(his job/what he used to do/what he wants to do): Chinaman 

Special(e.g. good shooter, good driver, etc.): Sniping 

Special ability(similar to ones from GTA V): Roar Ability from Midnight Club 

Biography: Chinaman 

Financial status(e.g. rich, poor, humble, etc.): Rich but lives cheap. 

Social status(e.g. lots of friends, family, etc.): Buys his friends 

Images(this is a huge bonus):



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1.A Private Bounty Hunter/Contract Assassin


2.A sly bastard pretending to be a cop


3.An independent drug dealer

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Full name: Zayn Jay/Arthur Morgan

DOB(Date Of Birth): 28/03/1996

Born(city/country): Mumbai, India 

Lives in: Raised in Australia, Lives in Emerald bay(new city based on portland oregon)

Profession(his job/what he used to do/what he wants to do): Was: Ex-soldier, Is: Drug dealer, Engineering student, Masked DJ, Entrepreneur, Wants to be: CyberSec Engineer

Special(e.g. good shooter, good driver, etc.): Good aim

Special ability(similar to ones from GTA V): EMP


  • Mysterious and Elegant: Zayn carries an air of mystery around him. He’s elegant in his demeanor, with a charm that draws people in, yet keeps them guessing about his true nature.
  • Master of Disguise: Zayn has perfected the art of disguise. He can seamlessly blend into any crowd, be it at shows, parties, or banquets, making him a chameleon in social situations.
  • Trigger Happy: Despite his calm exterior, Zayn is quite trigger happy. His past in the military and the constant threat he lives under have made him quick to react, often with force.
  • Dual Life Stress: Living a dual life takes a toll on Zayn. He’s always under stress, juggling his public persona with his secret life.
  • Loyal but Remorseless: Zayn is fiercely loyal to those he cares about. However, he has no remorse when it comes to protecting his interests or those he cares about.
  • Maniacal Calm: Beneath his calm and collected public persona, Zayn harbors a maniacal side. This side of him surfaces when he’s pushed to the edge, making him a formidable adversary.
  • Happy Exterior, Dark Interior: On the outside, Zayn appears happy and well-adjusted. But inside, he grapples with his dark past and the constant danger that shadows his life.



Born into a poor family in India, Zayn Jay was always a fighter. His family struck gold when they won a lottery, allowing them to move to Australia when Zayn was just six years old. Growing up in a new country, Zayn quickly adapted and showed an affinity for discipline and structure, which led him to join the Australian army at a young age.

Zayn’s life took a dramatic turn during a mission at a nuclear test site. Betrayed by his own general and a gang of soldiers, he was left for dead in the radioactive wasteland. Miraculously, he survived, but the exposure to radiation left him with enhanced reflexes and strength, increasing all his qualities by twofold.

With his trust in the military shattered, Zayn left the army and moved to America under the alias Arthur Morgan. He settled in Emerald Bay, a city reminiscent of Portland, Oregon, and aspired to start a new life. To fund his studies in cybersecurity at Hamilton Tech, he resorted to dealing drugs, a decision that would pull him deeper into the city’s underworld.

Before the events of the game, Zayn started a music career, hoping to leave his past behind. However, his involvement with the mafia due to his drug dealing complicated matters. Now, he must navigate the treacherous waters of Emerald Bay’s criminal underworld, all while trying to stay one step ahead of those who are still hunting him down.

Zayn’s story is one of survival and resilience. Like Niko Bellic, he is a foreigner trying to navigate a new life in a ruthless city. Like Trevor Philips, he has a military background and is no stranger to violence. And like Franklin Clinton, he is drawn into the criminal underworld while trying to better his circumstances. As he fights for his place in Emerald Bay, Zayn must confront his past, face his enemies, and come to terms with the extraordinary changes within him.

His story in the game: 

Financial status(e.g. rich, poor, humble, etc.): middle class, lives in an apartment

Social status(e.g. lots of friends, family, etc.): gets a girlfriend round the middle of the game, who is the daughter of a mafia boss. her family accepts him as one of their own, and by the end of the game they get married in a cutscene set for 5 years later

Images(this is a huge bonus): 

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