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StanceLegacy Car Meets Crew!


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britishmeet3.pngAbout Us


StanceLegacy is a crew established in January of 2018 by DanielMP5. For our car meets, we host a range of themed meets, however we prefer clean cars with Clean customization.


We are predominantly a PC car meet crew with multiple hosters who host car meets several times a week. Mostly at weekends.



Why join StanceLegacy?


As well as car meets, we also have a discord server with 300+ members with text and voice channels which is the home of StanceLegacy.

We have lots of active text & voice channels where you can interact and meet new people and obviously join our car meets.


Some of our meets are recorded and uploaded to YouTube.


Some of our best videos


Photo By EktorKill

How To Join?
1). Join our discord server + our crew
2). Accept the rules in #rules and request to join the crew with the link provided.

3). Ask the @admins or @moderators in our discord to accept you.

How long will it take to be accepted?

if you did the steps shown above correctly, it should take from a few minutes till some hours max. at least ASAP.


How do i join car meets?
If you unlocked the server by accepting the rules, you should see #meet-announcements. all the information is provided over there.

Edited by DanielMP5
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Hi all!

You Can also post your social club over here if you applied for the crew! so we can know who came from here ;)

Pilots Project also resumed, if you are an aerogeek and you like formation flight, be sure to look in #announcements of our main discord for the discord of the pilots.



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  • 2 months later...

Pilots project has been canceled a while ago, We are drastically looking for new members! Please consider to join!

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