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Dream Discussion


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Have you recently had a dream that you cannot stop thinking about throughout the day; whether you thought it was cool or scary, or youre trying to decode the symbolic meaning behind it? Well now you can discuss your cool dreams right here! Ill start the show.


Last night I had a dream that there was a spotlight being shined at my bedroom of my house very frequently, as in the car that was shining it was passing my house and turning back a lot. I try to get up and see what it is, but my body is somewhat paralyzed and I cannot move out of my bed or even a turn over, kind of like sleep paralysis, but Im still in my dream. Sleep paralysis is scary as hell by the way.


So I realize in order to get up and see whats going I have to relax my muscles and calm down; Im trying to figure out if that means anything. I get up and look through the window but for some reason Im about to record it on Snapchat. As Im walking to the window I head a voice in my head saying, They (the people shining the light on my house) make good money, about $90k a year. As I look out the window, Im then on the ground floor of my house, which I didnt realize was abnormal in the dream.


I see my uncle is outside of my house getting into a car with a random figure, hopefully a man, in a suit, but my uncle is sitting on the center console while the figure in the suit sits in the back seat, no driver. I really dont understand that.


Elaborate on others like this post, or discuss your own dream. Have fun!

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Once I dreamed I drank some Sprite, and then I woke up and I drank some Sprite! FUKKIN weird?!!??

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Femme Fatale

Last night I had a brief(but weird) dream about Max Payne, and Arthur the aardvark. I don't remember how the latter got involved, but I do remember Max being armed with some kind of weird gun that shot throwing knives. He killed two sexy, wannabe Mona Sax, hitwomen with it(saying "Sorry, ladies" after their deaths), and the last thing I remember is some eccentric hitman with a big f*cking gun shooting everywhere while the Nip Drivers' Destroy Whitey played in the background.

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I dream with girls in a relationship but we ended as only friends in real life. And viceversa girls I want to be my girlfriend and just don't works in real life.


Sometimes I feel like a thing around me when I sleep and I can't move, I see ugly faces and voices then I wake up.


And more horrible thing, I watch a personal loss or someone kill me. I was dreaming in two times standing in my room and the police was searching me around my house, there was a helicopter and once in a dream that helicopter shot me and I wake up scary.

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chronic lumbago


There's already a dream topic right there:




Last post was 4 months ago, should be safe to bump it.


On another note, I rarely dream or at least I'm seldom aware that I had a dream once I wake up.

Edited by fashion
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Yup, you can bump the above thread no problem.


GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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