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Favourite sopranos character


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I think most that have seen the sopranos will agree that it's one of the best shows ever to grace the television.


It has so many great characters, but I want to know who is your favourite, for whatever reason.


It could be one of the obvious ones like silvio Dante for his ever calm and cool demeanour (and Al Pacino impressions) or someone like Furio who has both a scary, violent side but also a deep and compassionate side.


If I had to pick one that's not too obvious it would be Richie Aprile. He's a vicious old school Mafioso, excellently played by David Proval.


Would love to see your picks and reasons why.

Edited by TheDon1223
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I always liked Silvio Dante and Paulie Gualtieri. They were like old school mafia guys, with rules and principles, sticking with Tony through thick and thin.

Edited by Tycek
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For me it's Chrissie. He always felt the most authentic to me, his flaws only enhanced that. Particularly his existential purpose in the gang, never finding his place. "Where's my arc?" he comments, his mob culture obsession disillusioned by his f*ck-ups aided in his impulsivity. Tony uses these faults to keep wrapped around his finger till the very end. Making his a very tragic one.


Special mentions~

Angie Bonpensiero

After losing her husband who she was dependent on, Angie fights tooth and nail to keep her head above water. Becoming the only truly independent mob wife.

Mikey Palmice

He had the best sh*t-eating grin, or "f*ck face-itus", as bestowed upon him by Tony. His sociopathy was transparent in how he handled interactions.

I wish he hadn't left the show so early.

Edited by ARTHUR.
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Ralphie for sure. He just dominated the screen whenever he was on the show. His whole presentation was so...off compared to the other characters, that it right away earmarked him as an unstable psycho.

Watching the later seasons, I always wondered what he would have done during the war with New York.

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There's a good chance this will get merged with the other Sopranos topic ;)


One of my favourite characters is Johhny Sack. He was a real business type of guy mob guy, a great negotiator and a sharp talker. He was definitely one of the more intelligent mafiosos. Fiercly loyal to his wife and kids. I just loved the complexity of his character. He broke the stereotype of mafioso with the comare, banging every broad in sight. He had some class about him. They way he protected his wife's honour after Ralph made her the butt of a joke, it was good to see, even though and especially since she had weight issues, he still supported her in the most loving way. He always tried to be diplomatic and he was Tony's only real friend or at least I think he's one of the only people that Tony actually genuinely respected.


It was really sad to see him burn out slowly in the end, semi-incarcerated for his daughter's wedding, the illness etc.




Then as much as Chris was a major f*ck-up, I actually really like him. A lot of the time, I feel sorry for him, like in another life, he would be a creative or someone totally different. It's like he was forced/doomed into the life of crime and his personality just can't hack it. His addiction problems are really harrowing and quite real.



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This is such an impossible question to answer, as, in my opinion, they were all great in their contribution to the story throughout. The only fair way to answer this would be to pick somebody who only made it through a few episodes in one season, and that would be Mikey Palmice. That dude was Cosa Nostra to the core. Richie Aprile was too, of course, but there was something about Palmice that made me think, 'this is the type of loyal dog I'd like by my side' - as far as Junior was concerned, anyway. He took a beating from Tony and then smiled and shook his hand a few episodes later when Junior gave Tony the OK to whack Jimmy Altieri.


"I'll make you a deal; if you can fly, I won't shoot you down" - as Palmice prepares to throw a drug dealer off a bridge.


Brilliant character, created by a sublime group of writers.

Edited by John Smith
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  • 4 weeks later...

I'd say Paulie, Christopher, Silvio and of course Tony. But I've pretty much liked every character in this show. I'll have to watch it again someday.

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On 5/12/2018 at 4:56 AM, Vigilante88 said:

My 2 favorites. Adriana was hot.








Adriana was a pain in the ass and a stupid bitch. Cwistafaaaa stwop hitting meh


I liked Tony, Paulie, Ralph, Johnny Sack and Richie Aprile. I wish they did more with Richie

Edited by Japseye
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Ralph Cifaretto and Junior were the most entertaining characters IMO. No one else said Junior? Really?


But honestly, I kinda hated all of them as well. Ralph was a complete sociopath despite being entertaining to watch. They were all terrible people. Which was the point I guess. I kinda liked Bobby until Tony made him kill that guy. On the other hand every decent person was obnoxious to some degree. The least obnoxious one was Meadow.

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8 hours ago, Darth Yokel said:

No one else said Junior? Really?

I'm with you. Just that look of plain disapproval, when Bobby shows up in his full hunting apparel - cracks me up every time. 🤣



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