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Is there any point in reporting people for team killing?


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There is this one prick on PS4 that I have randomly played with in many LTS and all he ever does is team kill or whatever he can to prevent his teammates from playing properly. I can't believe after all this time he is never banned and I report him every single time he does it. It also doesn't help that nobody else ever goes to vote kick him. These people piss me off more than anything else in the game and I would literally pay to get him banned at this point. They deserve to lose all of their progress in the game.

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What's to stop them doing it in other games... therefore it might be better to report them to Sony (PlayStation Network) directly.

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What's to stop them doing it in other games... therefore it might be better to report them to Sony (PlayStation Network) directly.

Their policy is that you can only report them in the actual games unless they have something offensive in their profile or message you something. So if a game doesn't have a report function, people can just cheat endlessly with no consequences. Just like R*, Sony only cares about money anyways so I doubt it would work even if they allowed it

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That's strange though, as I've heard almost the polar opposite in that Microsoft and Sony actually do take interest in banning or suspending people when proper reports are made against them. :/

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I thought I'd heard of something in the terms and conditions (Sony) that trolling like that is not allowed.

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On PC you can report for griefing, however I doubt this has any effect. I myself teamkill often once someone starts teamkill(typically road kills versus road kills).


In my opinion the best options you have is to play with friends, if not rush to your car once the mission starts(run in first person view to be faster). Be careful when collecting objective...etc


I don't know, there are some very toxic players around and Its getting worse when contact missions and heists are 2x event. I find Its faster to grief such player with your Insurgent than bothering to report him. Generally those trolls leave once you kill them once, they don't expect much resistance.

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