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Quality of posts and linking to source

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Posted (edited)

(I fear I'm going to be destroyed for posting something in this forum, based on past experiences)


I appreciate finding the Rockstar newswire event week articles in the GTA online forum. But often they are posted without the link to the original article on Rockstar's site. Then it's added in, but not until many hours later. This week it's still missing despite me requesting it from op and later using the report function on the post (no offence op).


For me this makes it partly pointless to have the article as I prefer to read it direct with Rockstar's consistent formatting before contributing to the thread on this site. There are also occasions when some of the main article eg what vehicles are on promotion, are missing altogether.


Is there anything that could be done to ensure that the link to source and full content of the article is there from the time the thread is first started? Thanks.

Edited by StormerBoy

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The threads are just normal threads and it's basically whoever posts the contents of the article first gets pinned, so unfortunately there's no way to automatically have it added. It would be pretty neat to have a bot posting newswire articles, but apart from that your best bet for consistency is just having the newswire link bookmarked in your browser.

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Thanks for the reply. Would it be possible for the moderator pinning the thread, to simply check for the source and add if need be? I'm sure they have many things to do, but isn't it a legal requirement (plagiarism) to post source?

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There's not gonna be any legal problems, but it should be easy enough to manually add the source when pinning, I think only a couple others pin the thread so I'll give 'em a little nudge for that - otherwise, if it does seem to have been forgotten I guess it's worth just reporting.

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Thank you

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