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Atomic Heart [Xbox One, PS4, PC]

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Posted (edited)

There is not much out about this game yet, what I have gathered so far is that; the game is set in an alternate universe of Soviet Union, Russia, and that you are a government agent, sent to an underground facility 3826, to find out what happened there. Developed by Moscow based studio, Mundfish.


This game gives me a Bioshock/Fallout vibe. This trailer has to be one of the most bizarre, and intriguing I have seen in a while. Personally, I loved the Bioshock series, and the more recent reboot of Prey, so I am looking forward to hearing more about this game.




Where I got most of my information from:



Edited by Stormingz

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Posted (edited)

Looks open world too by the last bit of the trailer too? I got huge Fallout vibes from it as well when I saw the trailer a few days back, the period, the music, F4-esque crafting, etc. Definitely intriguing, any word if it's gonna show up at E3?

Edited by Jason

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I have no idea if it’ll be at E3, I hope so, I want to see more of it. Open world you say? I can see where you’re coming from with the map at the end, we’ll see, information is scarce about this game.

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