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Some serious dude

Question about "All in Order" achievement.


Some serious dude
Posted (edited)

So im halfway done with the achievement, but im waiting for a certain friend i played with. Some guys i met online asked me to do some heists with them, so i thought i just use my 2nd char.


Since in most games another char means start from scratch, new stats, new everything, im not so sure about gta online. I checked the stats on my social club account while my 2nd char was active, and the achievement was still marked as halfway done. Maybe the social club account takes some time to adjust to character change.


EDIT: What if I just ignore the achievement and go for it. Do i have to do all the heists all over again or just pick up where i left off. For example im at the Series A Financing final, i do prison break and when i continue the Series A final the achievement just keeps going?.


Does anyone know about this type of stuff?.

Edited by Some serious dude

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3 answers to this question

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Posted (edited)

switching character should "pause" the achievement for inactive character

Edited by A.C.M.

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I'm not entirely sure if switching characters will save your progression the other, but I do know that all of the money bonuses can only be earned once per account (not character), so it's possible that it could be reset. I would say don't risk it.

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Posted (edited)

Don't heist on your 2nd character if locked into a challenge/award.


Both characters share the heist awards.


It may carry on with your in order if using a 2nd character but I'm not sure. But it will reset your progress if you do any heist with others on theirs, unless their next job coincides with your natural progress of course, lol.


Genuinely. Don't heist at all if you are locked in aside from that challenge, best safe not sorry.

Edited by KWF1981

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