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GTA Connected

Recommended Posts


Can you please help me with that bug? I can't set name, the game wont work i type this:


/setname Lil Slim C


weirdly, if i type setname name will be typed but set no. Can you help me? It gives me error (not crash) with cannot find batch file (GTA 3)

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Sorry for bumping, but are there any updates?

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Thanks for the bump. I've been meaning to check this post but kept putting it off.


As for updates, there hasn't been one publicly released since April. I would recommend joining the Discord (if you haven't already) to get all the info.


But, for the good news: we've got an update coming soon. Tons of new stuff. More support for San Andreas, 850 new scripting functions, new server browser and launcher, lots of various bug fixes, sync improvements, and a lot more.. It's gonna be a huge update.

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Sorry for bumping again. But how is it going?

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It's going good!

We've made a lot of progress so far with the next update. Here's a list of the changes (well, most of them anyway):

  • New launcher!
  • Added server browser with double click to join or select+enter key.
  • Server browser connects to selected server with enter key.
  • Fixed discord rich presence. Shows server name and connect button when connected.
  • Added support for emoji in chat.
  • Launcher provides easy access to cache and crash folders.
  • Added on-foot radio.
  • Added a bunch of scripting functions for vehicles.
  • Added player.money scripting function.
  • Added a bunch of scripting functions for peds.
  • Fixed crash when multiple boats were in the same place.
  • Fixed issue with cursor being visible on connect and reconnect.
  • Fixed issue where the game kept handling auto-respawn on death incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue with horn/siren not working with high framerate.
  • Added second newspaper in Vice City.
  • Lots of internal optimizations and organization.
  • Fixed the issue where the game would hang on startup for some people.
  • Better support for GTA 3 US 1.0.
  • Vectors can now be used as either array (0,1,2) or object (x,y,z)
  • Fixed issue where garages wouldn't reset to closed when disconnecting.
  • Fixed issue where closing the game caused the process to hang on Windows 7.
  • Removed GUI. New one coming soon, custom made by one of the team members!
  • Removed ability to use custom effects via shader files, like bloom or sepia tone.
  • Support for Vice City and San Andreas has been put on hold.
  • Removed San Andreas, Underground, and IV games from launcher menu.
  • Moved some scripting functions around, mostly to global.
  • Chatbox supports foreign characters (such as russian).
  • Clipboard support in chatbox. Copy, cut, paste.
  • Added text-selection to chatbox. Shift+arrow or mouse cursor click to select.
  • Chatbox history with up/down arrow.
  • Improved Squirrel language support
  • Updated Squirrel to the latest version (3.1)
  • Fixed vehicle entering state.
  • Fixed a couple of internal issues with the updater.
  • Fixed pay and spray doors. They now have proper collision.
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes couldn't punch other players.
  • Added an in-game map overlay to GTA 3, usable with F11 key.
  • Added a CVAR system. Info on CVAR's and their values can be found on the wiki.
  • Fixed issue where a few default vehicles and peds would spawn when connecting.
  • Fixed issue where game settings wouldn't save properly.

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This mod is still being actively developed. Most recent update was 2 days ago!

Here's a list of the updates


We're looking for scripters and server owners to port their servers to GTA Connected. So far we've got a couple of basic freeroam servers but could use some servers with actual gamemodes.

I've got a bunch of sample resources available for reference and/or public use.


GTA IV support is coming very soon. Testing has gone very well recently and lots of progress has been made. Screenshot / Screenshot


Stop by our forum and discord!

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Is this a open source project?

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Looks cool ,i will try it 

i will also share this to my friends!

nice work, keep it up!


BTW can you make it like GTA Online? where there is ranks, missions, heist, jobs and items that can be purchased

there will be fun to play with friends if this multiplayer mod has feature above

@Vortrex can i share this mod on this website www.gtaind.com ?


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@MrTopHat No, it's not open source


@Calvin.linardi The features you requested need to be scripted.

And yes, you can share the mod. Help spread the word!

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I hope I'm not wrong in applying the author name



actualy i can't upload the file on this website because GTAC has a large file zize, so i use my google drive for share it

thank you

Edited by Calvin.linardi
forgot something

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