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Recommended Posts


In general,late 90s and 2000s were the time that I'm very nostalgic about.From more specific stuff:

-a lot of movies, TV shows and cartoons from the 80s (that was before I was born,but I watched them later as a kid), 90s and 2000s,from movies I'm especially nostalgic about Jurassic Park which is my favorite movie to this day,from TV shows it's mostly 80s and 90s sitcoms and late 90s to early 2000s dinosaur documentaries,and the list of cartoons I'm nostalgic about would be too long

-many SNES and PS1 gamesthat I played as a kid,as well as some games from 2000s that I played on PC as a teen

-some of the music from late 90s and 2000s

-old cell phones from the 2000s (especially my old phones,Trium Mars, Nokia 3310, Siemens C60 and C75, and Sony Ericsson K610I and K750I)

-an old scooter I got when in 2005 (it was a cheap piece of crap that broke down by the end of the summer,but it was my first "motorcycle")

-often simply hanging out with old friends (which sometimes includes talking about stuff from our childhood) makes me nostalgic

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-Times when we talk and don't be robots with phones.


- Thinking about a lot of friends, they don't do any social networks since old messenger was out.


- When videogames were amazing until Playstation 1, after that was just crap.


- Heavy Metal CDs, I love still buying them, watching old merchandise pages, reviews, photos and all stuff inside.




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Panashe M. Sinclaire
Posted (edited)

Playing or remembering video games from the past. 2008 for example. Fallout 3 and Saints Row 2 takes me back so much. I can't remember a lot about the year, but 2008 was just...it was simple. There was none of that transformer made up bullsh*t of today, showcasing of evil, none. Maybe there was, and me being a kid made me oblivious to it. I used to enjoy fireworks, and hanging around the people who used to be my friends, and my dog wasn't a old ass man getting worse every day that goes by. I still played Smallworlds and met the people that inspired the characters I've created today. There used to be this guy named Panashe I talked to, and he was...kind of like a big brother to me and that set the stage for what I write about now. 


Everything was just so...raw. Like...it's there...for you to see it all...but I can't explain it, there's no timeline or record of events that happened. 2008, my family was still functioning, my sister wasn't a full blown, rebel retard, and I was...unaware. What I don't miss about that year is being...unaware. A lot of the sh*t I see today, the things I hear people say, watch them do, observe how they are and think...function...it's f*cking...disgraceful. Back then people were smarter. Didn't let words on a picture consume their lives. Forums weren't as cancerous as now. 


Trends were a lot less stupid. Didn't have Skittle haired weirdo f*cks yelling obscenities, or brain dead stoner pricks. I don't know. I remember more of the bad things than the good things. 


Every now and then I try to find a time where society wasn't batsh*t crazy and people actually had something to live for instead of broadcasting their lives on a phone every day. 


Kanye West...Kid Cudi...Avenged Sevenfold...music, games...it all was just...there.


Still is...but you don't miss something until it's gone. 

Edited by Lucius M. Galloway

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Mr. Scratch

This might come as a surprise but people were just as f*cked in the head even 10 years ago. 

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Femme Fatale

The N64 and the games I grew up playing with on it. Goldeneye, Paper Mario, Mario Party, Army Men...

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Posted (edited)

I was watching my old MSN conversations and give me a lot of nostalgic flashbacks, I always think this was not long time ago, hard to said was just more than 10 years...

Edited by MyNameHere

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Am Shaegar

Oh, I used to spend a lot of time on MSN live conversations. It was a similar experience like discord when I used to meet a lot of people on Orkut, and used to chat with them on MSN live. Good old days! It was really fun talking to people outside my country and knowing them. I am not that into chatting anymore. Its difficult to trust people online these days and make friends. I still have many contacts from the orkut days and we often chat on facebook messenger, and planning to meet them in person someday in future soon :)

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Posted (edited)

I remember back then when a lose the game, shutdown the arcade machine or pressing reset, so we can't accept be a loser.

Edited by MyNameHere

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Breaking Bad

This does it for me.



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