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Please help with this weird floating cars bug in GTA IV

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What can be the cause of this weird bug ?

I have clean GTA IV version ( patch 5 ).

It happened to me in also, sometimes it hardly noticeable, like car is just a little in the air when far from Niko, but sometimes it's like this and crashes my game ...


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Posted (edited)

It looks to me like some of the geometry (roads, sidewalks) are being rendered in LODs, which is what you usually see far away down the road, or if you're flying far above in a helicopter. The LOD is never representative of actual collisions and may cause it to look like objects, vehicles are floating.


Are you absolutely sure you don't have command lines or mods in that would force the game to run at lower graphics quality? Or maybe your system is running low on memory. Those are really the only things I can think of that would cause that.

Edited by Olanov

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G8 B8 M8
Posted (edited)

It's definitely the sh*tty modeled LODs, like Olanov said. This happens on my potato PC not much rarely. What is your graphic card?

Edited by G8 B8 M8

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Posted (edited)

I believe the cause was part of my ram.

Now my game does not crash anymore )


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