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GTA 5 Vehicle Ideas


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The reason for this post is because I want people's feedback and ideas on some vehicles Rockstar should add to the game. If you have an idea for a vehicle (land, air, water all accepted) then please leave it down below. To kick this off, A vehicle I think Rockstar needs to add is the batwing. More specific, a mix between The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises and Batwing from Batman: Arkham Knight. We already got the Vigilante and I'm dying to get a flying Batman inspired vehicle. The game already has the Hyrda, which has VTOL. So think how cool it could be to have that incorporated into a new vehicle. The main reason I really want this is because I play on GTA RP servers. I usually mess around in an all black outfit as a vigilante. Doing what the cops won't do sometimes. I use the FCR 1000 custom in all black as my main vehicle. And it would be really nice if the Batwing could pick this up. Quick. I've had cops chase me before and sometimes they set a roadblock up on the bridge that goes under Merryweather. Think how awesome it would be if I stopped my bike in front of them. Not that close but within earshot. And as they would order for me to get off my bike and put my hands up, the batwing would fly from over the mountains, stopping just above me and lower enough to pick me up. It would be so badass. It would have to be really expensive. I would want it about the size of the avenger. Although it doesn't have to have the weapon and vehicle workshop as that would make it more expensive. Maybe you can add it on. It would also have to be somewhat faster than the Avenger. Which could really suck for PVP. It would definitely have weapons and again, I would like it to be able to pick up bike and cars. Like it could pick it up like the Cargobob and after you get into the air, you have an option to enter the Batwing. What are everyone's thoughts on this? It may be OP. Which is really my only problem because you know tryhards are going to spam kill people with this thing. What are some other vehicles you would like to see added into GTA?

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Those are all cars with one motorcycle. I would seem outta place. Plus they are all based on real vehicles. If you read my post, it states I want a Batwing type vehicle to be added. Which isn't a real vehicle.

Edited by PlumpDump21
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Just on the first four pages, I've found baloon, some kind of gyrocopter, excavator and bed shaped like a car. Topic I linked was used for vehicles a as whole. If you want to post Batwings, it's not much of a problem since as you stated in your original post, R* added Batmobile to GTA Online.

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And again, those are all real vehicles. Even the bed car. The Batwing isn't. Even the Batmobile was based on a real car. Half of the design of the vigilante is based upon an old Batmobile that was inspired by a car. So me posting about an unrealistic flying bat shaped jet seems out of place on a form full of real vehicles.

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Can Anyone Suggest me The Most Best Suvs Addon In Gta v,The Heavy Ones And BEautiful Also..

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