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Facility PR screen bug



My planning room screen is always completely black during cutscenes. Not a huge deal, just annoying. Any way I can fix it?

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3 answers to this question

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Yes! Someone else with this issue! Saves me having to make a seperate topic.


I have this problem also, and seemed to have started after i was using the interaction menu to turn the planning screen on and off for a bit of fun (seeing how it works, what it does etc), then after i completed the Doomsday heists as host, subsequent replays have shown to show the Planning Board completely blank in cutscenes. The sound is there (when Agent 14, Mrs Rackman etc use their remotes) and works properly every other time except for cutscenes. To clarify the Planning screen is set to <ON> since you can only mess with the DD heists if the board is switched on.


I tried all manner of things, cancelling the active DD heist, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, even going so far as reinstalling a new OS, video drivers etc but to no avail.

Cant be a cache issue either since that was removed a made anew, when i ran a clean install of the OS.

I have made a ticket on the support website and issued them with a quick 3 minute video for them to look over, hopefully they notice it as an significant issue.

I wonder where graphical errors such as these sit, compared to say character clothes/hair clipping.

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So update, my ticket was closed due to inactivity but the responses i received were clear game cache which i did (again).


After the ticket got closed, i re-opened it stating that i attempted their methods of fixing, and over the weekend was closed straight away, with a response.


We thank you for providing us the video of the issue you are experiencing with Dooms Day Heist and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We would like to inform you that, it is a per the game design that the Heist board is blank while performing the cutscenes. the players will be having an option to skip it. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Kind regards,

Ruth K.

Rockstar Support


Obviously English is not this persons first language, but from what i could gather, the cutscenes in which Lester points and sources, Wastelanders with Strombergs as image attachments, Ms. Rackman locating and projecting a Chernobog Missile launcher, Avon introducing Cliffford, and everyone elses desktop activated onto the big screen is not what is "supposed" to happen, OR that it is supposed to be off currently and they are in the process of fixing it? I dont know 🤔


I think the lack of them not knowing how a Doomsday Heist cutscene is to supposed to play out is unknown to R* Support, so i will post them some footage of the actual boards working and link them to this.


I mean i literally showed them entire footage of act 2 from the purchase of it, as all the characters look up at a the black screen as if its working, and this is just "normal" and working as intended. I know not many people really care about cutscenes these days (kind of a lost art?) but yeah some people enjoy them, and this is kind of game breaking, considering animations working correctly is a big thing for R*.


Hopefully it is remedied when Nightlife DLC arrives.

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UPDATE: Possibly fixed? So once the After Hours DLC dropped I was eager to wrap up my Act 3 and after the cool down went to host again, sat through the cutscene and as soon as Ms Rackman opened her laptop the Planning Screen lit up. I guessed they were in the process of fixing it prior, and Support were oblivious to the fact. 


I mean the glitch may come back but I’m not gonna mess with the screen anymore. That’s what caused it for me.

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