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The Bloodthirsty MC - PC | Looking for skilled prospects!

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Posted (edited)

7zLotyj.png tUpbwnU.png



The Bloodthirsty MC is looking for loyal prospects that help bring up the rise of a new empire. TBMC is proudly a 99% MC as we do not believe it obstructing and limiting players skills, this is clearly shown from the fact that our percentage badge is a f*cking middle finger. However we do have Bylaws and Regulations that keep the MC clean and fair. We still ride classical Choppers and Bobbers, after all we still are an MC. We see all members as family and part of the club no matter the gender. Female players are not seen as a personal play thing and are treated the same way as any other members. This crew isn't a dictatorship. It's a democracy. Everyone has a say in the crews structure and how it operates.

Anyway, now if you wish to join, you must go through our Prospect phase.

Before joining as a full member, you must got through a Prospect phase. This section of time allows us as Members & Officers to determine if you're right for the MC and what you're like in terms of personality, fighting, activity etc. The more active you are, the less time spent as a prospect. This also applies if you are seen to be dedicated to the MC. As a prospect, you will be sponsored by a Patched Member, this member has responsibility over you and your actions. You will consult to them if you have any questions or any queries. The Prospects receive their own patch to distinguish between the club who is a patched member and who is not. You should wear this patch at all times.


We here at TBMC stick to a dress code, no f*cking skinny jeans...THAT'S IT! We kid, we wear Denim and Leather Cuts and Jackets. This is to stick to the traditional MC style. You may wear what you wish for your pants or shoes as long as they are not too brightly coloured. If you're alone in a session you can wear whatever you like, hell, strip naked if you like. But if you're in a session with crew members or any other MC's or crews that we know of, wear your uniform. More information can be found on the website!



• Have Discord downloaded on your machine.

• Have TBMC/TBPR as your active crew at all times.

• Have a Chopper or Bobber of any kind.

• Have your 'Profile Visibility' set to 'Friends'.

• Have a working headset (Microphone is not required).

• Good sense of humour...a dark sense of humour.


Copy this Application Form and fill it out in the replies of this thread. Your application will be reviewed in within 1-2 hours.

Social Club Link:




Once applied and reviewed by the President, you will be given an invite link to our Discord Server. Make sure you're ready to be interviewed further.




Edited by BFFB_Basilisk

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Posted (edited)

Bump - News: Gained our V.P, Skitso_, and our SGT-At-Arms, Sketch, glad to have them on-board.



Edited by BFFB_Basilisk

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Very good people, i would definitely recommend joining! :^::^::^:

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Posted (edited)

Upon decision, The Bloodthirsty MC has decided to become a...'Hybrid' MC, but we have a different way of showing that. We have one Charter in Sandy Shores that uses the traditional Choppers, listening to Heavy Metal and all of your usual stuff. We have now opened a Charter in Downtown Vinewood which is for people that prefer Sports Bikes over Choppers and listen to Rap/Hip-Hop, kinda like the Uptown Riders from GTA IV.

On this note I would also like to welcome a new Patch-over Member, Healer, who is part of the SS charter.

Both Charters are recruiting right now and are looking for Officers however we are strict about recruiting Officers. You must have experience in the MC Community and know your stuff. If you think you have what it takes to become part of the Bloody 5, join our Discord: https://discord.gg/uCZeZva

Now, enjoy some pictures :)



Downtown Vinewood Charter Patch


Edited by BFFB_Basilisk

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Finally the forums are back.

Weekly Bump.

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