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Characters in RDR2

Recommended Posts


Who are you most excited to see in RDR2?? If you could pick between two of both returning and old, who would they be?

Returning; John Marston, Dutch Van Der Linde

New; Arthur Morgan, Micah Bell


I cant wait to see John and Arthur interact together as they seem very close judging by the screens and the trailer. John is my favorite protagonist of all time and im delighted to see him back. The ending of RDR1 was the first to make me cry :( Dutch was a very interesting and mysterious character! Arthur Morgan is straight badass and clearly has an insecure/heartfelt side too. I love him already. And Micah to me looks like one of those cool cowboy gone rogue guys eventually. They do mention how he is a part of the gang but his loyalty is unknown...

Edited by damienrayemusic
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Returning; Javier Escuella, Dutch Van der Linde


Javier Escuella because we don't know much about him and he's depicted as a cynic (which I like), and Dutch because of his overwhelming charisma and will to fight at any cost. I didn't pick John Marston because he had a fair share of screen time during RDR.


New; Arthur Morgan, Sadie Adler


Those two seem close to each other and rather aware of the gang's situation. Micah Bell is a runner-up.

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Lemoyne outlaw

returning. uncle and bill.


i really like uncle from the first redemption. he was funny and cool. but we didint get to know much about him. except that he likes to drink and sleep all day. and he taught john some things. im really hoping he is a civil war veteran. preferably confederate. i think it would be cool backstory for him. but even if he isint a veteran. i would still like to know more about him.



and im interested in learning more about bill too. when i played the game for the first time. and when john confronted bill. i thought bill was going to be a main antagonist. instead he is only seen a couple times. so i am curious to interact with him and him be friendly towards us.



new. arthur, charles smith



of course since arthur is our protagonist i am very curious to learn about him. he seems badass and very interesting.


and for charles he seems pretty cool too. i have always been interested in native americans. and i love watching native americans in westerns. since the original redemption didint focus on them too much. and from what i heard redemption will probably be the same. so im thinking if anything charles might give us missions involving them.


but honestly im looking forward to all the characters. new and returning. it looks like we will have a great story.

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Returning: John & Dutch

New: Arthur, Sadie or Micah

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Returning: Dutch & Javier

I love Dutch's appearance. He seems to be the perfect leader. self-confident, strong and he's caring about his gang. but as the trailer already shows, the Oulaws' time is over and the pressure on them is getting higher! I'm very exciting how this turn out!


About Javier we havn't seen much and his description for the new game sounds great. I want to hear him playing guitar at the campfire. love that idea!


New: Arthur & Sadie

I'm definitely looking forward to our new protagonist! especially after the third trailer that made Arthur much more exciting!


I love strong, confident women in games! And Sadie seems to be this definitely! I'm looking forward to her relationship with Arthur! Only friends or his love? There seems to be a strong bond between them, because many pictures show them toghether!

Edited by Yelda
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Returning: John Marston (for obvious reasons :inlove:), Dutch (how he was with his original gang back in the day) and Uncle (I want to see him getting Arthur pissed off with his drunken antics!).


New: Arthur and Sadie (are they just close friends, confidants or something more?). It'll be interesting if it is actually Arthur to whom Sadie is telling "you're the only one of these fools I trust" given that in trailer 3 he seems to be telling her in confidence his doubts about the future of the gang...

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